Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hidria Spacefolk

One of my fave bands in the Space Rock Genre

"Originally conceived in 1999, the group of five self-taught musicians soon evolved into its current embodiment as Hidria Spacefolk and having already seven releases in their catalogue. The outfit has performed over 200 shows in Finland as well as toured in the Netherlands and Denmark. Hidria Spacefolk's high-energy live performance is enhanced with a psychedelic video show that'll turn any venue into a mind-blowing cosmic spaceship - and make no mistake: this ship knows how to party! One of these days they may be landing in your town!" ~ MySpace

Hidria Spacefolk @ Myspace
buy their albums here

2001 - into the hidria *r *m
2002 - symbiosis *r *m
2004 - balansia *r *m
2004 - violently hippy remixes *r *m
2007 - symetria *r *m
2007 - live at heart *r *m


xeno said...

Love this band,
Symetria is my fave.
Thanks for "violently hippy remixes",
the only that i don't have:
hope the title is respected :)

nes said...

some definitely are yes - others are quite funky, got a bunch of live recordings too which are pretty cool

Anonymous said...

Symetria is no longer available... =(