Monday, June 29, 2009


"LA's Volume. That's right, Los Angeles DOES have a real live rock n' roll band aside from Smoke and whatever project Greg Anderson happens to be involved in.

Volume isn't afraid to wear the LSD n' lipstick stained banner from 1968. This thing screams names you've heard before when referring to the greats... Blue Cheer, MC5, even White Album - era Beatles. So yeah, it's got some retro flavor to it, but 'Acid Rock' is a much better description than the current favorite, 'Stoner Rock'. I mean listen to "Make Believe" and tell me that's not acid-inspired. Listen to last track "Headswim" and tell me that's not BAD acid inspired. The remainder of the album is more Wayne Kramer than Wayne Kramer these days - catchy, fuzz-drenched, and all feel-good. First track "Habit" rocks with a chorus that all addicts, horny humans and leeches of the state can relate to - 'Gimme, gimme all I want, gimme, gimme all I need'. Chances are you fall into one of those three categories. In essence, we can pretty much all relate.

Hats off to guitarist/vocalist Patrick Brink for not only the rock n' roll portion of the disc, but some brilliant cover artwork as well. Also, kudos to ex-Smile and current Fu Manchu skin slammer Scott Reeder for some very Keith Moon-ian drum work on Requesting Permission to Land.

A word of warning - I thought the disc was over after the first listen, so I took a lil' snoozer on the sofa next to my stereo. I was just about to doze off when Patrick's voice comes full blast out of the stereo saying "That's a wrap, momma!". Scared the piss out of me. Fucker." ~ by Chris Barnes @ Hellride Music


Ron said...

Nes, I had this one already (got it from Pat Brink), still it's a grat post!, I requested this one by mistake I ment the CDR...And The Voyage Continues. , This is a compilation of their Demo and 7"+
some live & unrelesed tracks, do you have that one, it's vere very rare? I ordered it way back from Pat, despite of his promise to send me I copy, he never came to it, I think he's completely out of the music scene after they recorded a 3 track demo from which 2 tracks would appear on a 7" , but sadly it never saw the light.

Nes said...

ah - well no sadly i don't have that one either, too bad he didn't send you a copy ... i will look around for it though

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks dude! so fucking great post!!


Nes said...

you're so welcome anders! \m/