Friday, June 5, 2009

Sesta Marconi

"The idea of SESTA MARCONI dates back to 1999, when a group of 15 years old friends from the south of Italy set out their musical destiny. After the period of playing cover songs, in 2002 the band started creating their own music. By the end of the year they not only played live a lot, but also composed several songs, two of which ended up on their first demo, "Black Soul Star", falling stylistically between seventies hard rock and classic heavy metal with strong doom metal overtones. In September 2003 the combo relocated to Rome where they kept on playing, in spite of some problems that slowed them down for a few months. In 2004 SESTA MARCONI continued to forge new material, leaning more towards traditional doom metal. Most of those tracks went to constitue "Ritual Kamasutra Kitsch", a 30 minutes long EP released by the band in March 2008. In the 4 songs, preceded by the ironic audio-collage intro, the musicians summarized their personal exploration of the world from the last few years. The EP received some rave reviews from the metal press in Italy and abroad. That’s what Doom revealed to Sesta Marconi... Doom'n'roll shall be the whole of the law" ~ MySpace

Artist: Sesta Marconi
Album: Ritual KamaSutra Kitsch
Year: 2008
Country: Italy
Genre: Doom 'n' Roll Voodoo Style

Listen to Sesta Marconi @ MySpace
for more info check their homepage


xeno said...

It's strange:
most of the greats italian rock bands
are most famous in other countries
than Italy.
I think it's a shame fot my country.

Greetings from Italy.

P.S. : I've uploded some other songs
by Mandala (split+2nd demo).
See comments on latest Mandala post.

Nes said...

i found em =) thanks again!

dunno if they're 'famous' over here, i just came across them and liked their sound :D

stump said...

Thank You Nes!!!!

Nes said...

so my pleasure stump =)