Wednesday, June 24, 2009


with a HUGE thanks to Fuzzard for this most excellent recommendation!!

"Space has no limit! - OBSKURIA is hungry for the ultimate satisfaction to hit you like an asteroid storm straight into your face. The project started in 2006 with musicians from the "new" Dragonwyck and La Ira De Dios - what you hear on this album is the essence of fun, freedom and creativity! A wide spectrum of influences is covered, which are Pink Floyd..s Meddle, Ummagumma, Amon Düül 2, Ashra Temple, Hawkwind, Brainticket, but also we transform 80..s Thrash-Metal back to natural 70s rock sound. Our debut reflects a pure Voodoo Space Rock experience which tells the "true" story of what will happen to the world on Dec/21st/2012!---- We hope to bring ultimatley new listening dimensions to the true music addicts & maniacs! " -MySpace

Band: Obskuria
Album: Discovery Of Obskuria
Year: 2008
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Listen to Obskuria @ MySpace
for more info visit their homepage

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joc666 said...

Yo Nes, thanx for all the great music you post here.
This is a great band. First heard their latest album Burning Sea of Green. It's a very nice album, so I had to hear this one too.
Love your blog...