Sunday, June 21, 2009

Colt 38

"Colt.38 bear as a solo project of Claudio C., a member of the band That..s all Folks!. in 1999...In that period That's all Folks! were playin', tourin' and recording a lot...The vein of creativity, the landscapes of those foreign countries and the fields of mind -expansion gave him the opportunity to write some songs that he found to introspective for being part of TAF repertory...That's why he decided to start a solo record, which later became a side project with the help of his good friend Enrico R. from italian masters HOGWASH who was able to give the right shape to the songs. During the recording sessions, in Enrico's NEWMOTORINSIDE STUDIOS, the orgy of people and musicians who took part in the plot was the final result of the Colt.38 soundscape which saw the first printing in 2000 attached to the cool magazine "vincebus eruptum" " ~ MySpace

Band: Colt 38
Album: Colt 38
Year: 2008
Country: Italy
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Listen to Colt 38 @ MySpace
Buy their record here

(only have it 128kbs :/ )

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