Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Greenhouse Effect

forgot how much i liked these dudes

"mountains of madness, oozing into the calm quiet morning of jupiters failed existance...with crystal marble fingers exploding in light and surrounded by walls of sound..landscapes of pristene sound fuzzed out and perfect..." ~ MySpace

Band: Greenhouse Effect
Country: USA
Genre: Psychedelic Stoner Rock

2001 - Blast Shield Down *r *m
2004 - Total Sonic Fuzzdom *r *m
2007 - Ants In The Afterbirth *r *m

Hidria Spacefolk

One of my fave bands in the Space Rock Genre

"Originally conceived in 1999, the group of five self-taught musicians soon evolved into its current embodiment as Hidria Spacefolk and having already seven releases in their catalogue. The outfit has performed over 200 shows in Finland as well as toured in the Netherlands and Denmark. Hidria Spacefolk's high-energy live performance is enhanced with a psychedelic video show that'll turn any venue into a mind-blowing cosmic spaceship - and make no mistake: this ship knows how to party! One of these days they may be landing in your town!" ~ MySpace

Hidria Spacefolk @ Myspace
buy their albums here

2001 - into the hidria *r *m
2002 - symbiosis *r *m
2004 - balansia *r *m
2004 - violently hippy remixes *r *m
2007 - symetria *r *m
2007 - live at heart *r *m

Monday, June 29, 2009


"LA's Volume. That's right, Los Angeles DOES have a real live rock n' roll band aside from Smoke and whatever project Greg Anderson happens to be involved in.

Volume isn't afraid to wear the LSD n' lipstick stained banner from 1968. This thing screams names you've heard before when referring to the greats... Blue Cheer, MC5, even White Album - era Beatles. So yeah, it's got some retro flavor to it, but 'Acid Rock' is a much better description than the current favorite, 'Stoner Rock'. I mean listen to "Make Believe" and tell me that's not acid-inspired. Listen to last track "Headswim" and tell me that's not BAD acid inspired. The remainder of the album is more Wayne Kramer than Wayne Kramer these days - catchy, fuzz-drenched, and all feel-good. First track "Habit" rocks with a chorus that all addicts, horny humans and leeches of the state can relate to - 'Gimme, gimme all I want, gimme, gimme all I need'. Chances are you fall into one of those three categories. In essence, we can pretty much all relate.

Hats off to guitarist/vocalist Patrick Brink for not only the rock n' roll portion of the disc, but some brilliant cover artwork as well. Also, kudos to ex-Smile and current Fu Manchu skin slammer Scott Reeder for some very Keith Moon-ian drum work on Requesting Permission to Land.

A word of warning - I thought the disc was over after the first listen, so I took a lil' snoozer on the sofa next to my stereo. I was just about to doze off when Patrick's voice comes full blast out of the stereo saying "That's a wrap, momma!". Scared the piss out of me. Fucker." ~ by Chris Barnes @ Hellride Music

Friday, June 26, 2009

Blindman's Buff

these albums all are tagged as pre gas giant - however i'm not sure they are.

this is what i found on StonerRock.Com about Blindman's Buff - Desert Roads:

"This is not a full album, but a demo-cd with three songs from Belgian band Blindman's Buff. I liked it so much that i decided to represent it here.
If you like stonerrock, you should not be without this demo. It sounds a bit catchy, so if you need an comparison, i would say QOTSA.
The vocalline on "Will-o'-the wisp" sounds a bit like "You would know" on QOTSA's debut, although that's my opinion.
"Utopian Dream" is a real rocker with catchy vocals.
There is really nothing bad to say about this demo.
I hope these guys will release a full album a.s.a.p."

Can't find anything on those 2 demo's

so again if anyone has any info, let us know ... please ;)

2000 - demo 1 *r *m
2000 - demo 2 *r *m
2001 - Desert Roads *r *m

Blind Man Buff

Well i can't find much info besides that it's pre Gas Giant,

if anyone has more info, feel free to let us know ;)

1998 - Blind Man Buff *r *m


"Out of the ruins of 'Reeder' (former band members) rides 'Koyen' with their high energy simple rock medium tempo desert/pop tinged numbers. It reminds me of the same level of energy that bands like Dozer come across as having, well that and other things in common.

It's safe to say that the members of Koyen probably describe their sound as desert rock, and why shouldn't they? It's got that same sort of Kyuss/Queens/Desert Sessions vibe.

The vocalist is definitely going for that melodic soul singing s t y l e similar to John Garcia, and the guitar tones and leads could be equally compared to Homme's s t y l e on some levels. Nonetheless, these guys are good at what they do and rock out...and that's what it's all about, the Koyen sound that is.

Simple desert blues rock numbers with soul, not quite as good as the originals but what is? On the same note it would be unfair to say that these guys sound exactly like any of those bands...there is definitely some indie rock flare thrown in here and there, and the songs are more actual written songs than jams if you know what I mean. Good middle of the road stoner stuff overall." ~ StonerRock.Com

Band: Koyen
Album: Comatoso
Year: 2003
Genre: Stoner - Desert Rock

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


with a HUGE thanks to Fuzzard for this most excellent recommendation!!

"Space has no limit! - OBSKURIA is hungry for the ultimate satisfaction to hit you like an asteroid storm straight into your face. The project started in 2006 with musicians from the "new" Dragonwyck and La Ira De Dios - what you hear on this album is the essence of fun, freedom and creativity! A wide spectrum of influences is covered, which are Pink Floyd..s Meddle, Ummagumma, Amon Düül 2, Ashra Temple, Hawkwind, Brainticket, but also we transform 80..s Thrash-Metal back to natural 70s rock sound. Our debut reflects a pure Voodoo Space Rock experience which tells the "true" story of what will happen to the world on Dec/21st/2012!---- We hope to bring ultimatley new listening dimensions to the true music addicts & maniacs! " -MySpace

Band: Obskuria
Album: Discovery Of Obskuria
Year: 2008
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Listen to Obskuria @ MySpace
for more info visit their homepage

Mood Cadillac

"In a reference book of the Moncton music scene, Mood Cadillac would be one of the chapters that links the much-loved Monoxides to their beligerent offspring Iron Giant, with reference to the newly-formed Blood Royal. Rising from the ashes of several bands in the always incestuous local scene, Mood Cadillac was a big 'ol dirty chunk of fuzz with an obvious love of Black Sabbath. Formed sometime in late '96/ early '97 (nobody can remember for sure) and originally consisted of Mark (Gunther) Richard on vocals, Jody Perry (currently of Blood Royal) on guitar, Dan Dupuis on bass and (Iron Giant vocalist) Chris Lewis on drums." read more @ MySpace

Band: Mood Cadillac
Country: Canada
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Mood Cadillac @ MySpace

1998 - Big Ol' Dirty *r *m
1999 - Mood Cadillac *r *m

Aquarius Void

"Aquarius Void are a on again / off again collaboration between Ross Westerbur formerly of 500 FT. OF PIPE, Zach Shipps current guitarist for Electric Six and Mike Alonzo also currently of Electric Six and formerly of Speedball and Five Horse Johnson. They keep promising to release a full length album, but who knows if that will actually happen? Zach and Mike and pretty busy with Electric Six and Ross is busy with another band that he is part of called Bluesong. "~Last.fm

Band: Aquarius Void
Country: USA
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Aquarius Void @ MySpace

2004 - basement demo's *r *m
2005 - Live @ The Belmont *r *m

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dark Buddha Rising

"The Black Arts of Psychedelia

As the dust of centuries has settled on pages unwritten, the gates are opened only within.
In ascension rites of introvert spirits, the signature of passing flesh is inscribed in the memorial garden as a note of entrance. Succeeding this initiation, all levels are accessible through death transpired as severance of the flesh and the spirit immortal.

As the remnants of flesh dance to the endless pulses of the multiverse, the underlying directives in biorhythms to which these pulses are synchronised (from ego to the universe on the left hand and no ego in the void beneath the veil) are to be followed like a call of nature. Nature withholds the void that exists to the unaided eye of the celestials, and the rhythms transpire as keys.

As the innerspace traveler is aligned with the order of the nine, disarray in the processes is suddenly reversible, and the liberated shall walk the brightened path that is not treaded afoot.

"I exhaled and the skies cleared, revealing the stars. And then, from a distant event horizon arose the black sun. Rays of black light illuminated pyramid structures in the desert, as I watched hovering above. Carved in the monolithic stones were alien symbols that became decrypted before my eyes. And the I became the eye, the self dissolved in the light.

Sun worshippers emerged from the sands shifting in the solar wind that carried their voice." ~ From their homepage

Band: Dark Buddha Rising
Album: Ritual IX
Country: Finland
Year: 2008
Genre: Heavy Psychedelic Drony Doom

Dark Buddha Rising: Transcent (LIve Edit)


Quantum Fantay's new album

for more info on Quantum Fantay go here
for the re-ups of their previous albums go here

Colt 38

"Colt.38 bear as a solo project of Claudio C., a member of the band That..s all Folks!. in 1999...In that period That's all Folks! were playin', tourin' and recording a lot...The vein of creativity, the landscapes of those foreign countries and the fields of mind -expansion gave him the opportunity to write some songs that he found to introspective for being part of TAF repertory...That's why he decided to start a solo record, which later became a side project with the help of his good friend Enrico R. from italian masters HOGWASH who was able to give the right shape to the songs. During the recording sessions, in Enrico's NEWMOTORINSIDE STUDIOS, the orgy of people and musicians who took part in the plot was the final result of the Colt.38 soundscape which saw the first printing in 2000 attached to the cool magazine "vincebus eruptum" " ~ MySpace

Band: Colt 38
Album: Colt 38
Year: 2008
Country: Italy
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Listen to Colt 38 @ MySpace
Buy their record here

(only have it 128kbs :/ )

Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm in LOVE!!
that definitely was worth my money *grins*
now for my new quest: Sendelica =D

"Pre-Med are a decidedly Space Rock band. The band was put together in 2004 by Danny Faulkner with help from Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey. The other main member of the band is guitarist Lewis Turner although he has since left the band. The bands debut release Medication Time was well received on its release in 2006 and also featured guest appearances form Danny Thompson and former Landmarq keyboardist Steve Leigh. Danny’s brother Martin also contributed to some of the lyrics on Medication Time The truth About Us is the follow up to that well received album and again features material." ~ VoicePrint

Band: Pre-Med
Country: UK
Genre: Space Rock

Listen to Pre-Med @ MySpace
Buy their records through their MySpace page

2006 - Medication Time *r - *m part1 / *m part2
2008 - The Truth About Us *r - *m part1 / *m part2

Wo Fat

"Wo Fat believes in the Riff. Wo Fat's music is all about the riff. Wo Fat are well schooled in the ways of Rock. They have learned from the recorded evidence left behind by the old ones of the '70's: Black Sabbath, Captain Beyond, Leslie West, ZZ Top... They have gone further back to glean the foundations of Rock from the bluesmasters of days past like John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, Son House and Mississippi Fred McDowell. They have travelled through the backwoods mythos of the north Mississippi hill country blues of R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough and studied the riffage of more contemporary masters like Sleep, Kyuss and Fu Manchu. They also possess knowledge of the archaic arts of analog recording and vacuum tube amplification. The result is a bubbling psychedelic brew of heavy riff- rock and electric fuzzed-out blues. A concoction of earth shaking Sabbathesque doom with dark trance inducing hill country blues and mind altering guitar solos. Rock. In the great tradition of the Old Ones. Dare you open the book of Wo Fat?" ~MySpace

Band: Wo Fat
Country: USA
Genre: Heavy Stoner Rock

Listen to Wo Fat @ MySpace
buy their albums here

2007 - The Gathering Dark *r *m
2009 - Psychedelonaut *r *m

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Electric Magma

"Electric Magma formed in 2000 in the melting pot known as Toronto, Canada. Emerging from the ashes of previous musical endeavors, the thunderous trio comprised of Tryg Smith , Tim Reesor and Tom Brouard forged ahead with their vision of sonic eruption. Halfway up the fuzzed-out sludge ladder, somewhere in between the metal boogie rock of Clutch and the surfed-up stoner rock of Fu Manchu, lies the sound of burning liquid rock. Electrified Magma." ~Last.Fm

Band: Electric Magma
Country: Canada
Genre: Heavy Stoner Rock

Listen to Electric Magma @ MySpace
for purchase & more info you can visit their homepage or MySpace page.

2003 - Electric Magma *r *m
2004 - Karaoke Bitch Slap *r *m
2005 - Snail The Wah *r *m
2005 - The Jams *r *m
2007 - Coconut Bangers Ball *r *m
2009 - Mudshovel *r *m

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tigrova Mast

10x more weird & trippy then Seven that Spells!

"After being fed up with urban, quasi-intelectual music such as post-rock and minimal-noise, Tigrova mast was initiated in 2003. by Tvrtko. At that time he was a guitar player in famous but short lasting noise-pop-punk band Invisible Ghost Luigi. At first Tigrova mast was just a project composed of bass (played by Tvrtko) and accordion, played by Bruno who also was and still is a guitarist of Peach Pit, a well known croatian arty-farty math-rock band. Introduction of folk instruments and almost rural elements into traditional noise rock schemes made a cut in the works of these two musicians. Soon the band rehearsed with different drummers and keyboard players but none of the combinations worked out.
In 2004. a third guitar player joined in - Niko, the founder guru of psychedelic Seven That Spells, once again not playing a guitar, but keyboards. In the meanwhile the accordion concept was abandoned and was replaced by Niko's keybs and Bruno switched to drums and so the band was finally formed! After lots of live gigs in 2005. the first record was made. It was published by Russian RAIG records (www.raig.ru).

"Toshiro Mifune meets Omar Sharif in Abu Dabi. Blood, sweat, tears, heavy licquor, sufi mysticism and extreme feelings. Riding on the desert worms. Removing the layers of reality without photoshop!!! Sufi trance punk!!!!!!!!" ~ MySpace

Band: Tigrova Mast
Country: Croatia
Genre: humzz ... Weird Experimental Trippy Trashy ?

Listen to Tigrova Mast @ MySpace

2005 - DVD (divx) - Live@Sket (split archive)
part 1 *r *m
part2 *r *m
part3 *r *m
part4 *r *m
2007 - Trigova Mast *r *m
Demon Nizos *r *m - sorry got no tracklist or year or anything

Abramis Brama

"Four years after the release of their last studio effort "Rubicon" in 2005, the Stockholm based heavy rockers flanked by a live album in 2007, here is the latest record from the kings of "heavy seventies hard rock sung in swedish"; ABRAMIS BRAMA. The title on the new album "Smakar Söndag" (Tastes Sunday) reflects over the time passed since "Rubicon" and the trials and tribulations offered, a somewhat dark stew one might think. True in a sence but it also contains material written over a time span of more than 12 years, so one could say that this record is the essence of ABRAMIS BRAMA today; Where they´ve been, where they´re at, and where they´re going! Since "Rubicon" they´ve lost original drummer Jansson (now with WITCHCRAFT), added guitarist Rob (borrowed from BACKDRAFT) and drummer Trisse (from GRAND MAGUS). Top notch quality ingredients right there ! Adding to this, the record contains guest artists such as Moa Holmsten on vocals (previously with MELDRUM), Rolf Leidestad on keyboard, Jonas Kullhammar (grammy award winning jazz saxophone wizard) and you´re guaranteed your normal footstomping, headshaking, ledheavy riffing dose of ABRAMIS + more!" ~ Record Heaven

Band: Abramis Brama
Album: Smakar Söndag
Year: 2009
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Abramis Brama @ MySpace
buy their album here

with a HUGE THANK YOU to Zilla!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

La Orquesta De Animales

I'm not really sure what they're trying to do on MySpace with that 3 part
Sapiens Bloody Sapiens
but just listen to Anfibio - that's their En Rock vibe
which ends with a 32min long jam \m/

"We strive for joyous ruptures: time as an arrow is hell; time is the oppressor and our deadly fatigue. We want out! Music is our ticket out of sordid states of mind. Those who love sound as much as we do, know for a fact that such a domain allows glimpses of something called eternity. We love to trip, indoors, outdoors: we are psychonauts born too late! When we play, dreams come pouring out of the void: our aim is to reach that place, the invisible landscape, and fuse with madness- carelessly" ~MySpace

Band: La Orquesta De Animales
Album: En Rock
Country: Mexico
Year: 2006
Genre: Instrumental Stoner Jams

Listen to La Orquesta De Animales @ MySpace
for more info visit their homepage

Seven That Spells

i forgot how they make me bounce of the walls

"...a commune of psychedelic like minds exploring the multifaceted cosmos of freak out music and naked women in high hopes of achieving Buddha’s blessing! New old religion of super loud!!! Future-retro spasm!!!" ~ MySpace

Band: Seven That Spells
Country: Croatia
Genre: Trippy Spacy Psychedelic Rock

Listen to Seven That Spells @ MySpace
for more/purchase info visit their homepage

2005 - Blowout *r *m
2005 - My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma *r *m
2006 - It Came From The Planet Of Love *r *m
2007 - The Men From Dystopia *r *m
2008 - Black Om Rising *r *m
2008 - Cosmoerotic Dialogue With Lucifer *r *m
2009 - Superautobahn -still missing, anyone want to share?? ^_^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Other Window

One of my alltime favorite Bands: The Other Window
for those who like vocals that are a little off ;)
(mostly instrumental though)
The Transistions album's is definitely my fave!
enjoy! (hopefully as much as i do ;)

"In the summer of 2005, The Other Window managed to record their debut album in 2 sessions at Kewsound studios in Somerset. Their first gig was to open the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham. A series of fortean events have dogged the band ever since. Some say this is due to their eerie music opening "doors" The debut album "T H E . O T H E R . W I N D O W" contains six tracks, the longest being 'Beyond Science Fiction' which clocks in at 16.04 minutes. The song contains long improvised sections and was recorded in one take, like most of the album. Very few overdubs were used in the making of the album and it represents the live sound of the band extremely well. All the songs on the album were recorded and mixed in 2 ten hour sessions at Kewsound studios in Somerset.
The six tracks on the album showcase the bands massive musical range, swinging from the mellow space ambience of 'Nebula' all the way through to the raw energy of 'Persecution'." ~ MySpace

Band: The Other Window
Country: UK
Genre: Psychedelic Space Rock

Listen to The Other Window @ MySpace
for more info & to buy the albums visit their MySpace page or their Homepage

2005 - The Other Window *r *m
2006 - Transitions *r *m

Pater Nembrot

"Looking backward. Living the present, to build something better for future times. Music will help us to understand what means sharing energy, will, power, and truth. These few lines are written to describe my music, myself, my way of thinking, as a part of the everything. Words are important to bring outside what's on the inside. Groove, psichedelia, 70's, fuzz, screaming, believing. Don’t you think I’m just a freak: I am like you, you are just like me. " ~MySpace

Band: Pater Nembrot
Country: Italy
Genre: 70's vibe Stoner Rock

Listen to Pater Nembrot @ MySpace
For purchase info go here

2005 - Hombre Scarlatte *r *m
2007 - Mandria EP *r *m

Does anyone have the 11 track Mandria CD and is willing to share it with us all??
pretty please {^_^}

Tipped by Fuzzard

The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound

"Like a lost Fillmore broadcast scrambled in the ionosphere before crashing meteor-like into the Mojave sand—the Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound funnels a Technicolor panorama of California rock and roll history into soulful, high-energy nuggets of contemporary, bluesy choogle n’ fuzz and wistful moonbase laments.

Born in San Francisco in the dim dawn light of the new millennium, The Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound is built around a core of three musicians, Jefferson Marshall, Sunburst 3 (M.I.K.E. Lardas) and Charlie Saufley, who stumbled upon each other from divergent experiences in funk platter dealing, heavy space pop brewing, noise punk scrambling and a shared love of raga, Mudhoney and Pink Floyd.

A revolving auxiliary of players, including cartoonist and theremin poet extraordinaire Anderson Lanbridge, and keyboard ace Ray Castro often spices up the Assemble Head’s live destructo-happenings and recorded events." ~

Band: The Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound
Country: USA
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

for more info & listen to the AHSS @ MySpace
for purchase info go here

2005 - Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound *r *m
2007 - Erkanoplan *r *m
2009 - When Sweet Sleep Returned *r *m

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Abunai! were an American psychedelic space-rock band who were fond of adding traditional British and American folk elements to give an added dimension to their sound.

Formed in Brighton, Massachusetts (a neighborhood of Boston) in 1996, they released three albums and two EPs for the Australian Camera Obscura label.

Abunai! broke up in 2002, but not before playing at three of the Terrastock festivals to date. They also reunited in 2006 for Terrastock 6 in Providence, Rhode Island.." ~ Last.Fm

Artist: Abunai!
Country: USA
Genre: Psychedelic Space Rock

Listen to Abunai! @ MySpace
for more info visit their homepage
to purchase their albums go here

1997 - universal mind decoder *r *m
1999 - mystic river sound *r *m
2000 - deep mu flux 2 *r *m
2000 - round wound *r *m
2006 - two brothers *r *m

Magnified Eye

"Sheer power and heartspoken grooves builds up in front of you as Magnified Eye emerges on a journey into their ever expanding universe of progressive rock music. Live on stage Magnified Eye delivers shows of more than one hundred sweatdrenched, thunderous, mooddriven minutes pouring their liquified rock into the open souls of the audience. With energy fueled up-tempo rock songs and flowing mellow pieces, Magnified Eye takes you through the entire emotional spectre, firmly grounded in Frode Bjerkely and Torben Ravns tense and powerdrenched grooves with trudging baselines and swirling drumming. Magnus Esbesen spices everything up with his heavy bluesy harmonic, all bound together by the powerfull guitar play and the soulfull vocals of frontman Torben Egebjerg.

Together, Magnified Eye stands as one big moving organism of sound. " ~ MySpace

Artist: Magnified Eye
Country: Denmark
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Magnified Eye @ MySpace

2000 - Demo *r *m
2002 - The Last Sun *r *m
2004 - 4 Track Promo *r *m
2005 - Transitions *r *m

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sesta Marconi

"The idea of SESTA MARCONI dates back to 1999, when a group of 15 years old friends from the south of Italy set out their musical destiny. After the period of playing cover songs, in 2002 the band started creating their own music. By the end of the year they not only played live a lot, but also composed several songs, two of which ended up on their first demo, "Black Soul Star", falling stylistically between seventies hard rock and classic heavy metal with strong doom metal overtones. In September 2003 the combo relocated to Rome where they kept on playing, in spite of some problems that slowed them down for a few months. In 2004 SESTA MARCONI continued to forge new material, leaning more towards traditional doom metal. Most of those tracks went to constitue "Ritual Kamasutra Kitsch", a 30 minutes long EP released by the band in March 2008. In the 4 songs, preceded by the ironic audio-collage intro, the musicians summarized their personal exploration of the world from the last few years. The EP received some rave reviews from the metal press in Italy and abroad. That’s what Doom revealed to Sesta Marconi... Doom'n'roll shall be the whole of the law" ~ MySpace

Artist: Sesta Marconi
Album: Ritual KamaSutra Kitsch
Year: 2008
Country: Italy
Genre: Doom 'n' Roll Voodoo Style

Listen to Sesta Marconi @ MySpace
for more info check their homepage


" Snailface flew to Earth in early 2009 on a four headed, robot dragon with an airbrushed mural on the side depicting a gnome receiving oral pleasure from a panda. They quickly set up their base camp in an underwater laboratory in the San Francisco bay.

When not recording music or getting high, they hunt sharks for raping. All Sharks are set free afterward, physically unharmed but emotionally scarred." ~ Last.Fm

Listen to Snailface @ Muxtape

Download the record for free

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mandala - Soul Rebel

Artist: Mandala
Album: Soul Rebel
Year: 2003
Country: Germany
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Mandala @ 
For more info visit their 

If anyone has any of their demo's i would be eternally grateful if you shared em with us!! ;)

Hulkk (formerly Hulk)

From my native country - Belgium! \m/

" HULKK is a powerful trio founded in 2001 by Renaud Mayeur, Matthieu Dumont and Michel Degreef. Fans of hard rock and garage, the music rings along the lines of MC5, Saints and others Damned, AC/DC, Motorhead and so on… " ~ MySpace

Artist: Hulkk - formerly known as Hulk
Country: Belgium
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Hulkk @ MySpace
purchase info also available on MySpace

2000 - kings of the night *r *m
2003 - party time *r *m
2005 - Cowboy Coffee & Burned Knives *r *m
2005 - live @ paradiso *r *m
2006 - The Codeïne Sessions + 2bonus video *r *m
2009 - bad news from lago *r *m

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Linus Pauling Quartet (edit)

"A Brief History- 
The LP4 has been carrying the Texas Psych torch since the Mid-90s.  Following in the footsteps of the Mike Gunn and Dry Nod this seven member quartet has been praised in the pages of Ptolemaic Terrascope (UK), Rockerrilla (Italy), Magnet (USA), Broken Face (Sweden), et al. 

First off, it's almost impossible to describe its music in some kind of pithy rock-crit manner. Psychedelic space metal for the Mensa set is about the best we could come up with, and it doesn't quite encompass all that the LP4 does. It's not quite a stoner rock band, nor pure psych rock. Some songs could be likened to the spacey Britpop of Super Furry Animals and Spiritualized, or even early Pink Floyd, but members also bust out with a little hardcore here and there and even occasionally cloak themselves in the black garb of a death metal band. In short, they sound like a pretty large swath of the totally unique Houston rock scene all rolled into a single group.  Houston Press (USA)

"A large red sticker proclaiming WEIRD ALERT could not make things plainer."- Q Magazine (UK) 

"one of the top purveyors of the Texas stoner psychedelic style" Free City Media (USA)

spaced out metal and ultra heavy psychedelia that will appeal to anyone who likes.... well... spaced out metal and ultra heavy psychedelia. - Aural Innovations (USA)  

Like Slater says in Dazed and Confused, "You couldn't handle that shit on strong acid, man." On second thought, maybe that's the only way you could." Austin Chronicle (USA)   "

~ MySpace

Artist: Linus Pauling Quartet
Country: USA
Genre: Psychedelic Space Metal

Listen to Linus Pauling Quartet @
for more LPQ & purchase info visit their

1995 Immortal Chinese Classics
   *r   *m
1997 Alien EP  *r  *m
1998 Killing You With Rock
   *r   *m
1999 KFJC - Live From The Vault     *r    *m
2000 Ashes in the Bong of God     *r   *m
2003  c6h8o6   *r    *m
2005 New Stuff & Demo's     *r   *m
2005 Singles & Rarities     *r   *m
2007 All Things Are Light     *r   *m

{forgot the Alien EP *grins*}


"After so many years taken the same experiences in conventional Rock acts(Omitidos, Tarkus, Earth, Fooz…), Jesús and Juan Ángel, meets Charlie, who came from bands in the same line(FreeState) and the join of three ones, about a year ago, starts a brand new project that sound radical even inside the R’n’R scene. Tracking down the almost erased paths that walked the KrautRockers, the PhycheRavers and the Hippy Travellers in the Seventies, they fall into a no-song instant and continuous extemporization, when nothing repeats, assuming all the satisfaction and risks. You never play/listen again that you’d played/listened the last time... Mix their old Rock instruments with new (and not so new) audio generators and start to play with some regularity checking amazed that in every line that they open, there are some more... To infinity and beyond. Ball of Probability, Folk of Chaos, Space Boogie, Magik Mother Invocation, Infinity Loop, the Music of Spheres to heat and burn your mind"  ~ MySpace

Artist: Beiruth
Album: Horizonte de Sucesos
Country: Spain
Year: 2009
Genre: Experimental, Psychedelic Space Rock

Listen to Beiruth @ MySpace
Buy their album here