Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Other Window

One of my alltime favorite Bands: The Other Window
for those who like vocals that are a little off ;)
(mostly instrumental though)
The Transistions album's is definitely my fave!
enjoy! (hopefully as much as i do ;)

"In the summer of 2005, The Other Window managed to record their debut album in 2 sessions at Kewsound studios in Somerset. Their first gig was to open the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham. A series of fortean events have dogged the band ever since. Some say this is due to their eerie music opening "doors" The debut album "T H E . O T H E R . W I N D O W" contains six tracks, the longest being 'Beyond Science Fiction' which clocks in at 16.04 minutes. The song contains long improvised sections and was recorded in one take, like most of the album. Very few overdubs were used in the making of the album and it represents the live sound of the band extremely well. All the songs on the album were recorded and mixed in 2 ten hour sessions at Kewsound studios in Somerset.
The six tracks on the album showcase the bands massive musical range, swinging from the mellow space ambience of 'Nebula' all the way through to the raw energy of 'Persecution'." ~ MySpace

Band: The Other Window
Country: UK
Genre: Psychedelic Space Rock

Listen to The Other Window @ MySpace
for more info & to buy the albums visit their MySpace page or their Homepage

2005 - The Other Window *r *m
2006 - Transitions *r *m


spunkie said...

Many thanks Ug, spacerock stoner is there any thing better?

zillagord said...

Wow, you have such great taste in music ;)

Seriously, I also love these guys, haven't listened for a while though, so thanks for reminding me!

I hope you are well. And hey, thanks for the help with my project, it was killer! Got an A!


Nes said...

SPUNKIE you're welcome! can't think of much that beats it no - any combo of spacy stoner or psyche space kicks ass! ;)

ZILLA! you lurker! ;p i know you love these guys *grins* you should play em again, had been a while since i listened too though and when i did i thought i really should post em! ;)
things are pretty cool here atm, hope there too?
& you're welcome for the help, glad i could! and that you aced it! but then i didn't expect anything less ^_^ seriously!

zillagord said...

Hey, I forgot to ask: whatever happened to the Mushroom Project or whatever it was called? Are you still in touch with these guys? I would sure like to here more from them, no matter the name of the band.

And yes, I lurk around a bit. I've been peeping you!

Great work here at the blog, we still share a very close taste in music.


Nes said...

lol Zilla, you can peep me whenever you want ;p and of course we still got similar taste in music, some things never change ;) specially not when it comes to these excellent vibes ^_^

bad mushroom experience, funny that you mention it, i was wondering the same thing - was actually thinking of mailing Alan yesterday and then i forgot *duh* maybe i'll give that another shot tonight ;)

Anonymous said...

i love these guys thanks to you! thanks alot from Canada

alan north said...

hi this is al from the other window , glad you guys appreciate our stuff ..working on new stuff for the other window and my bad mushroom experience,once i get a few quid together , we'll get recording again..thanks again