Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Into Space

Stone Oak Cosmonaut are a new Dutch trio who play a monster blend of Space Rock, Metal and Stoner Rock. The band consists of Fred Stack on "space guitar", Peter on drums and Von Trippenhof on bass, electronics and vocals. And if the name Von Trippenhof sounds familiar it's probably because he did some time in the late 1990s with The Legendary Pink Dots.

The band burst out hot and heavy with "Keph-Tun", a pounding slab of Space-Metal. Swirling alien electronics, crunchy metallic guitar and cosmic space guitar. A solid opener. "A Circle Run" is next and we're now deep in Stoner Space Rock territory. These guys know how to incorporate the electronics into the music so that it all gels nicely. And Von Trippenhof's vocals sound a lot like Wino, so between that and the music this sounds like it could be Spirit Caravan gone Space Rock (I told him that and he had not previously heard of Wino or any of his bands). And again we get a great mixture of heavy stoner and bubbly space guitar, which culminates in a mind-blowing spaced out stoner-psychedelic finale.

"Away in the Laika", "The Gift of the Eyeless Merchant" and "Oh Yeah" are other solid stoner space metal tunes I enjoyed. "The Gift of the Eyeless Merchant" is probably the most intense song of the set. A genuine battlecry for war feel. And Fred really rips up the solos on "Oh Yeah". "A Light in the Dark" starts off dreamily ethereal and trips along like that for a couple minutes before launching into a heavy rocking stoner-metal-space rock blast. It's got some of Von Trippenhof's most potent vocals and a killer cosmic jam segment. "Reborn Again (Latter Day Beelzebub)" is a bit different, having a good time, though totally grungy, rock 'n roll edge to it. It's melodic, almost pop, on the one hand, but in no way dispenses with the powerful metallic flavor of the rest of the album. And interesting song with contrasting styles.

But the highlight… the standout… the ultimate monster of the album, is the two part, 25 minute "Out of Orbit". "Earthless" is part 1, and starts off as an easy paced spacey song with both freaky electronics and proggy synth washes. Soon Von Trippenhof's bass starts to get a groove going, the drumming gets increasingly rocking, and when Fred's guitar kicks in we're in full power trio psych rock mode. Fred briefly plays in a Hendrix style until the band abruptly shift to the now trademark Stone Oak Cosmonaut metallic rocking vibe. And back and forth they go, between intense stoner metal and ripping spaced out psychedelic jamming. Lots going on here, and I really dig the hip shakin' psychedelic boogie-woogie bits. And when we get to part 2 - "Star Voyage" - its 14 blissful minutes of heavy, take no prisoners JAMMING! HEAVY duty metallic, rock 'n rolling SPACE ROCK! Absolutely fucking awesome.

This is without a doubt one of the best albums I've heard this year. Walter at Roadburn should consider these guys for the festival next year, especially given that they're right in his back yard. For fans of First Band From Outer Space, Earthless, Litmus, and of course Hawkwind. Highest as a kite recommendation! ~
aural innovations

Band: Stone Oak Cosmonaut
Album: Out of Orbit
Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2009
Genre: Spacey Stoner Rock

Listen to Stone Oak Cosmonaut @ MySpace
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Monday, July 27, 2009


awesome vibes - Season of the Witch is a killer tune!

"The Suck is a virtually unknown South African hard rock band from the early ’70s. They released one very rare & mind-frying album, ‘Time To Suck’, in 1970. This is heavy 70’s rock with a real attitude, which is always remarkable in & of itself, but The Suck deserve special recognition for their rapacious rampage through a conservative South Africa in 1970. Suck enthusiasts will tell you that ‘Time To Suck’ is one of the loudest, most controversial, & most obnoxiously revolutionary fist-in-your-face rock albums of the early ’70s.

The CD reissue, taken from the original master tapes, is all howling guitars. It includes covers of songs by Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, & King Crimson. " ~Last.Fm

Band: Suck
Album: Time To Suck
Year: 1970
Genre: heavy psychedelic rock

click here to listen to Aimless Lady


"Asoka is a progressive/psychedelic rock band from Malmö, Sweden. They released one self-titled album in 1971, but since then it has been recently reissued by the Mellotronen record label due to high demand." ~ Last.Fm

Band: Asoka
Album: Asoka
Year: 1971
Country: Sweden
Genre: Progressive Psychedelic Rock

Listen to Asoka @ MySpace
You can visit their homepage HERE - it's in swedish though


"Årabrot - True Norwegian Noise Rock

Norwegian noise-rock blending diverse influences from Amphetamine Reptile
records to the industrial likes of Ministry to their very own black metal.

The Brother Seed is Årabrot’s third studio release, engineered by
Steve Albini in his Electrical Audio studios, Chicago, IL
and mastered by Bob Weston.

"Nobody wants to be caught with the wrong kind of nihilism these days,
when sincerity can so easily translate to wretched emotional hardcore or
what certain teenage cult bands have promoted as suicidal black metal.
So unfortunate as much of Scandinavian heavy metal or heavy-music-
with-metal-roots lends itself to an earnestly that’s a bit blush inducing,
noise-rockers Årabrot on the other hand, along with many other
stalwarts in the Norwegian underground, have grown in reputation for
championing the weirdest of the ugly.
Their unique attitude pushes the limits of heavy not just in terms of Slayer
or Ministry thoughthose influences are there, but in the strange rhythms of
Captain Beefheart, the grooviness of Scott Walker,
or the lyricism of Nick Cave." (Ann Lee ..09)

Since the critical acclaim of their first three albums, Proposing a Pact with Jesus
(..05)and Rep.Rep (..06), The Brother Seed ('09)
notably produced by Billy Anderson of Melvins-Sleep fame, Årabrot have
been touring Europe and USA with amongst others Qui, High on Fire,
The Murder Junkies, Dalek, Kylesa and also filling a spot at the
SXSW-festival ..09. " ~MySpace

Band: Arabrot
Country: Norway
Genre: Noise

Listen to Arabrot @ MySpace
for more&purchase info visit their homepage

2003 - rogues gallery *r *m
2005 - proposing a pact with jesus *r *m
2006 - rep.rep *r *m

they have more releases, but these are all i have, if anyone has any more, feel free to post em in the shoutbox or in a comment *winks*

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Definitely one of my favorite bands in the 'heavier' genre
the album 'With Veilist Of Worms To Dwell' is absolutely my favorite
Lords or Bedlam \m/

"Hollenthon is an Austrian symphonic metal band formed in 1994 in Vienna by Martin Schirenc of death metal band Pungent Stench.
Original bandname was Vuzem, changed to “Hollenthon” in 1999. Hollenthon’s work is influenced by a variety of classical music, such as that of Richard Wagner. Vocals range from harsh to male operatic and even to female (performed by Martin’s ex-wife Elena). Both of their albums (“Domus Mundi” (1999) and “With Vilest of Worms to Dwell” (2001)) have been highly regarded by fans and magazines alike. Their third album “Opus Magnum” was released in May 2008." ~ Last.Fm

Band: Hollenthon
Country: Austria
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Listen to Hollenthon @ MySpace
for (purchase) info visit their homepage

2000 - Domus Mundi *r *m
2001 - With Veilest Of Worms To Dwell *r *m
2008 - Opus Magnum *r *m

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gorilla Monsoon

with a HUGE thanks to co-KANH!

"BLACK SABBATH is the goddamn best band on earth. “sweet leaf” is still the mother of creation. four bastards met in may 2001. they shared their love for both of these things. combining the power of SABBATH and weed, band created a very own and fuckin’ murdering heavy sound - still the one and only existing law for GORILLA MONSOON. during their existence various members left the band; replaced by true believers of religion named metal the band became stronger and heavier. two founding members, jack and drumster, are forming the creative spearhead. first release, autumn 2001: „deflowered world“ - a fuckin’ heavy, fuckin’ slow, but still groovin’ bastard, mixed up with these special ingredients - weed and SABBATH. second release, spring 2003: „...demonstrating heavieness“ - presenting GORILLA MONSOON stronger and harder and, of course, more fucked up then ever before. third release, split 10” with WEED IN THE HEAD (vinyl only!). the first full length album "damage king" was released in march 2006. the next two years were filled with lots of gigs and two tour-support slots (Metal Church/Victory 2006 and Trouble/ Sahg 2008). finally the second album "Extermination Hammer" came out on November the 7th 2008. so watch out for a show near your town!!!" ~MySpace

Band: Gorilla Monsoon
Country: Germany
Genre: Stoner Doom

Listen to Gorilla Monsoon @ MySpace
for (purchase) info visit their homepage

2001 - Deflowered World *r *m
2003 - Demonstrating Heaviness *r *m
2006 - Damage King *r *m
2008 - Extermination Hammer *r *m

Monday, July 20, 2009

Serpentina Satelite

with thanks to Fuzzard for the tip!!

"SERPENTINA SATELITE was formed by the end of 2003 in Lima, Peru. In late 2004 the band edited independently their first EP named LONG PLAY, featuring 5 epic songs which oscillate among calm, violence and ecstasy, in the spirit of Space and Krautrock. Constant appearances, underground festivals and freak-outs followed during the next years under the cloudy city of Lima. Now, their new record NOTHING TO SAY gets released on TRIP IN TIME (distributed by World in Sound). Again, it is an extended 5 track epic recording but this time, SERPENTINA SATELITE brings us a turbulent and more powerful rough sound" ~ MySpace

for purchase info and to listen to Serpentina Satelite visit them @ MySpace

2004 - Long Play *r *m
2008 - Nothing to Say *r *m

Friday, July 17, 2009

Speedball Jr

and now for something different
some Belgian heavy surf
they KICK ASS!

"Speedball JR consists of Fre 74 and Scorchin' Sascha on guitar, Beatgirl AleXandra on Bass, Freaky Frank on drums, El Gonk on Hammond and Go Go Wednesday as gogo girl. The band was formed in the summer of 2000 during Ghents (surfcity Belgium) famous surf explosion. They originally played more traditional surf rock like Dick Dale, Bobby Fuller Four, The Chantays, Ghastly Ones, Surfaris, the Ventures, Lively Ones and Blue Hawaians. You can hear these influences on their first studio session which was recorded at the end of 2000 at Peter De Veires yellow tape studio. Later on they developed a more trashy sound with more garage and sixties influences and started to write their own tunes. The first full CD, “Whiplash”, was recorded in 2003 at Zamans Catfarm studio and was released by Drunkabilly Records. The Sleeve design is a masterpiece of hotrod trashart by Mighty Sam the renowned graphic artist. This album also includes a video which was shown on TMF, the Belgian MTV. The second album “For the Broad Minded”, recorded in 2006 at CCR and released by Green Cookie records, is selling like hot cakes! " ~MySpace

Band: Speedball Jr
Country: Belgium
Genre: Heavy Surf

Listen to Speedball Jr @ MySpace
for more info visit their homepage

2002 - Whiplash *r *m
2006 - For The Board Minded *r *m

the Fire's burning

i know, nothing new and you all probably have it already
but i like posting what gets me excited,
and right now that's High On Fire ^_^

"US stoner metal band formed in 1998 in San Francisco, California, by Matt Pike (guitar/vocals), Des Kensel (drums) and George Rice (bass). Pike had formerly worked with Sleep, the cult doom metal band that had disbanded the same year after their record company had refused to release their third album. High On Fire drew on the sound pioneered by Sleep, an intensely heavy reworking of the Black Sabbath/Celtic Frost blueprint, with Pike's aggressive guitar playing more to the fore than it had been in Sleep ~ nme.com

listen to High On Fire @ MySpace
For more info visit their homepage

1999 - High On Fire *r *m
2000 - The Art Of Self-Defense *r *m
2002 - Surrounded By Thieves *r *m
2005 - Blessed Black Wings *r *m
2007 - Death Is The Communion *r *m
Bonus DVD *m

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


"The band was formed at the end of 1998 in Rome Italy. After one 4-track demo and a series of live gigs, got a contract in 2001 with German label Daredevil; the album was called Morning Star. Toured around a bit and opened gigs for bands such as Entombed and Ufomammut. In 2004 they recorded and produced their second album "Give the Devil His Brew", which due to change in the lineup and personal problems of the band members was not released until 2008. In the meantime, the band takes part in a few compilations (amongst others: "Desert sound the Spaghetti Sessions Vol. 1" or "Electric Magic Vol. 3"), played at the second edition of SHOD Fest. It is possible to download both their records from www.skywise.it. In the meanwhile, the band gets together as a trio and Ennio, former guitar player replaces the drummer. Current lineup Francesco BV, Ennio D, Emiliano G. This leads to a change of style from the more stoner doom influenced numbers of the past to a more mature and obscure atmosphere (see Buried at Sea, Cult of Luna, Earth, Khanate...). "Cold Cold Earth" their third work has just been released. The band has spent the last few months promoting the record and playing live inGermany and Italy. " ~MySpace

Band: Skywise
Country: Italy
Genre: Stoner Doom

Listen to Skywise @ MySpace
for more (purchase) info visit their homepage

2001 - morning star *r *m
2004 - give the devil his brew *r *m
2008 - cold cold earth *r *m
(unfortunately i don't have their demo)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Causa Sui

i know most if not all of you have these guys already upto 2008
but if not, they're worth getting!!
(check the comments if you get an error in song vol3/05)
ok for some reason some the mediafire files got deleted, even after re-upping :/

"Causa Suis self titled debut album was released to amazement of psychedelic rock fans around the world. The album gathered praise in magazines and webzines everybody from David Fricke (senior editor, Rolling Stone) and Ryan Schreiber (founder of Pitchfork Media) to small personal web-blogs has had nothing but good words to spill on Causa Sui. That, coupled with a few tours in Europe, they quickly earned a reputation of being a band to watch. Their unique mix of furious heavy psych and more experimental stylings such as kraut rock and shoegazing has created a stir in several music communities this is a band that appeals to indie-kids and avant-rock hipsters as well as to stoner rockers.
Their new album, Free Ride, takes their sound even further. The label acid rock seems far from exhaustive to describe what the four Danes are doing on this album, where stellar rock playing meets atmospheric flutes and electronics, where heavy riffs are lined up side by side with wondrous melodic passages. Causa Sui is proof that hard rock can still move frontiers. On Free Ride they play with a soulful live-feel, something rock music is missing these days, and a passion and joy thats impossible to deny. This album is at the same time raw, authentic and with a sense of nuances and detail that doesnt normally exist in hard rock. It has both immediacy and depth, power and thoughtfulness, chaos and grace.
Their sound has been described as Blue Cheer meets Can and as post psych but there is really no appropriate way of describing their sound it has to be experienced first hand. " ~MySpace

Listen to Causa Sui @ MySpace
for more info visit their website
buy their albums here

2005 - causa sui *r *m
2007 - free ride *r *m
2008 - summer sessions vol. 1 *r *m
2009 - summer sessions vol. 2 *r *m
2009 - summer sessions vol. 3 *r *m

Friday, July 3, 2009


""If you like bands Lowrider, Astoqueen, Fu Manchu and the like then this one is worth buying. Pretty much sums up the term Stoner rock I would say. "

"Since Fu Manchu went for less fuzz and more variation in guitar tone on King of The Road and California Crossing, I recommend Ridge to anyone who wanted another album that feels more like The Action Is Go/ Eatin' Dust. "

"Basically in the same vein as Dozer and Demoncleaner (not surprising since it was recorded by the same producer in the same studio), but if you like these bands, chances are you'll like this. And the riff of the year just may be the one right after the chorus in "Fuelle". I was listening to that on headphones the other day while "working", and I nearly foot-tapped myself right out of my chair."
Nolan "

1999 - Le Rodeo '69 *r *m
2000 - The Cayuga Sessions *r *m
2001 - Rehearsal Recordings *r *m
2003 - A Countrydelic And Fuzzed Experience In A Colombian Supremo *r *m

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


"With the vibe of early Pink Floyd, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Electric Prunes and Spacemen 3 running through their drugged-up veins, Germany’s very own Vibravoid excel at synthesizing these influences into a heavy storm of psychedelic sounds, shapes, and colors." ~ Last.fm

Band: Vibravoid
Country: Germany
Genre: Spacy Psychedelic Rock

Listen to Vibravoid @ MySpace
Watch 'em @ Youtube
for more info visit their homepage
Buy their record here

2001 - Love is Freedom *r *m
2002 - Void Vibration *r *m
2003 - Phasenvoid *r *m
2003 - Turned on Acid *r *m
2008 - The Politics of Ectasy *r *m