Friday, July 17, 2009

Speedball Jr

and now for something different
some Belgian heavy surf
they KICK ASS!

"Speedball JR consists of Fre 74 and Scorchin' Sascha on guitar, Beatgirl AleXandra on Bass, Freaky Frank on drums, El Gonk on Hammond and Go Go Wednesday as gogo girl. The band was formed in the summer of 2000 during Ghents (surfcity Belgium) famous surf explosion. They originally played more traditional surf rock like Dick Dale, Bobby Fuller Four, The Chantays, Ghastly Ones, Surfaris, the Ventures, Lively Ones and Blue Hawaians. You can hear these influences on their first studio session which was recorded at the end of 2000 at Peter De Veires yellow tape studio. Later on they developed a more trashy sound with more garage and sixties influences and started to write their own tunes. The first full CD, “Whiplash”, was recorded in 2003 at Zamans Catfarm studio and was released by Drunkabilly Records. The Sleeve design is a masterpiece of hotrod trashart by Mighty Sam the renowned graphic artist. This album also includes a video which was shown on TMF, the Belgian MTV. The second album “For the Broad Minded”, recorded in 2006 at CCR and released by Green Cookie records, is selling like hot cakes! " ~MySpace

Band: Speedball Jr
Country: Belgium
Genre: Heavy Surf

Listen to Speedball Jr @ MySpace
for more info visit their homepage

2002 - Whiplash *r *m
2006 - For The Board Minded *r *m


xeno said...

Always leved surf music.
My faves are the dutch "Apemen":
I've listened their "Surfvivial of de Onbeschofste"
milions of times,
and I've bought "7 inch of love" only for the cover :)


Nes said...

you're welcome!

been a while since i've listened to the apemen, my favorites are still the mermen - i adore their sound!