Wednesday, July 8, 2009


"The band was formed at the end of 1998 in Rome Italy. After one 4-track demo and a series of live gigs, got a contract in 2001 with German label Daredevil; the album was called Morning Star. Toured around a bit and opened gigs for bands such as Entombed and Ufomammut. In 2004 they recorded and produced their second album "Give the Devil His Brew", which due to change in the lineup and personal problems of the band members was not released until 2008. In the meantime, the band takes part in a few compilations (amongst others: "Desert sound the Spaghetti Sessions Vol. 1" or "Electric Magic Vol. 3"), played at the second edition of SHOD Fest. It is possible to download both their records from In the meanwhile, the band gets together as a trio and Ennio, former guitar player replaces the drummer. Current lineup Francesco BV, Ennio D, Emiliano G. This leads to a change of style from the more stoner doom influenced numbers of the past to a more mature and obscure atmosphere (see Buried at Sea, Cult of Luna, Earth, Khanate...). "Cold Cold Earth" their third work has just been released. The band has spent the last few months promoting the record and playing live inGermany and Italy. " ~MySpace

Band: Skywise
Country: Italy
Genre: Stoner Doom

Listen to Skywise @ MySpace
for more (purchase) info visit their homepage

2001 - morning star *r *m
2004 - give the devil his brew *r *m
2008 - cold cold earth *r *m
(unfortunately i don't have their demo)


SpiritBeggar said...

lol...we were traveling along the same wavelength it seems!

Mari said...

... and must be my wavelength as well!

Nes said...

we probably all got stuck on stump's wavelenght ;)

Mari said...

Well, Skywise will be either very happy or very angry about such visibility: Angrychair is posting the whole lot as well! :-D

Nes said...

uh oh! well then i hope they appreciate a bit of publicity ;)

stump said...

Thanks Nes!!!

Nes said...

my pleasure Stump =)