Saturday, July 4, 2009

Causa Sui

i know most if not all of you have these guys already upto 2008
but if not, they're worth getting!!
(check the comments if you get an error in song vol3/05)
ok for some reason some the mediafire files got deleted, even after re-upping :/

"Causa Suis self titled debut album was released to amazement of psychedelic rock fans around the world. The album gathered praise in magazines and webzines everybody from David Fricke (senior editor, Rolling Stone) and Ryan Schreiber (founder of Pitchfork Media) to small personal web-blogs has had nothing but good words to spill on Causa Sui. That, coupled with a few tours in Europe, they quickly earned a reputation of being a band to watch. Their unique mix of furious heavy psych and more experimental stylings such as kraut rock and shoegazing has created a stir in several music communities this is a band that appeals to indie-kids and avant-rock hipsters as well as to stoner rockers.
Their new album, Free Ride, takes their sound even further. The label acid rock seems far from exhaustive to describe what the four Danes are doing on this album, where stellar rock playing meets atmospheric flutes and electronics, where heavy riffs are lined up side by side with wondrous melodic passages. Causa Sui is proof that hard rock can still move frontiers. On Free Ride they play with a soulful live-feel, something rock music is missing these days, and a passion and joy thats impossible to deny. This album is at the same time raw, authentic and with a sense of nuances and detail that doesnt normally exist in hard rock. It has both immediacy and depth, power and thoughtfulness, chaos and grace.
Their sound has been described as Blue Cheer meets Can and as post psych but there is really no appropriate way of describing their sound it has to be experienced first hand. " ~MySpace

Listen to Causa Sui @ MySpace
for more info visit their website
buy their albums here

2005 - causa sui *r *m
2007 - free ride *r *m
2008 - summer sessions vol. 1 *r *m
2009 - summer sessions vol. 2 *r *m
2009 - summer sessions vol. 3 *r *m


Anonymous said...

great stuff!

CRC failed in causa sui - 2009 - summer sessions vol.2\05 Tropic Of Capricorn.mp3. The file is corrupt


Cheeto said...

Thanx so much!!! Great post! :)

Nes said...

Cheeto - you're welcome!

Anonymous (lol) re-upped the single file ... hope this works better!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the file, mate :)

xeno said...

I prefer the winter,
but the summer sessions are fantastic :)

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

These latest are ripped from vinyl! the sound is shit. Crunch everywhere.

Phil said...

Shit?! I see only onу littile thick in a previuos comment/ The Vinyl rips are wonderful. The clipngs and crunches make the sound warmer.

zillagord said...

@Anonymous #2:
Just wanted to let you know: A 3 CD set of all 3 Summer Sessions will be available in a few months for digital purists. Hope you can hang on until then.

Nes said...

Anonymous #1 *grins* you're welcome!

Xeno - glad you like this summer ;)
it're beautiful albums, played em a couple of times already and just LOVE EM

Phil - i totally agree! vinyl def has it's charm

Anonymous #2 they are vinyl rips indeed and if you don't like or care for that, buy the cd's ;p

Nes said...

ah Zilla, well said! ;)

Kesshin said...

Awesome stuff!

Just one thing: there are two tracks missing from Summer Sessions Vol. 3? :(

Aside from that, thanks alot =D

Nes said...

Kesshin - i didn't rip it myself but as far as i understand the manififestation of summer consists out of the 3 parts/songs (lonesome traveler/santa sangre/venice by the sea)

if i'm wrong please someone correct me ;)

Kesshin said...

Ahh, I just re-checked it and you're right. Cheers for clearing that up :).

Thanks very very much for uploading dude =D

Nes said...

no prob at all and it's totally my pleasure =D

Anonymous said...

Barbra rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Oi interessante este site parece bem posicionado.........boa:)
Muito Bonito faz mais posts deste modo !!