Friday, February 25, 2011

Jammin' re-up

acid jam 2

more info HERE

Reverie Apparatus

Dream Machine

take 1 cup of space, 2/3 cup psyche, a good handful of solid guitars, a dash of kraut and some groove - stirr gently and pour into your headphones, sit back, relax and taste the vibe

info & tunage @ MySpace

2005 -Trilogia *m
2009 - The Castle of a Thousand Universes *m

Psyched Out Jibberish

Glossolalia - Glossolalia (2010)

Now if this doesn't sound brilliant then i dunno what does ;) :
" The latest release from Prestidigitation, featuring members of Oresund Space Collective and other likeminded friends - fifteen farsighted musicians on an arsenal of instruments conjuring music that coruscates with an otherworldly, spiritual sheen. At turns hallucinatory, cacophonous, serene and haunting (sometimes within the space of one track), this genre defying album
sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before." from


Otis Grove - The Runk (2010)

instrumental groovy jazzy funky hammond rock

info & tunage @ MySpace and their Website

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Climb the Mountain

Matterhorn - Vol. 1. The World Began Without Men - 2011

this is heavy stuff, rumbling instrumental sludgy trashy metal with a bit of a proggy post-metalish twist kinda thing *grins*

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pillars in the sea

Ocean Towers - Chapter I 2011

info & tunage @ MySpace

groovy psychy stoner rock

Set your brain to work


good stuff, it's psychy space with jazzy influences

tunage & info @ MySpace

1999 Noetics *r *m
2001 Cohearance *r *m
2009 Delayed Back *r *m


Stone In Egypt - Almost Forever *m

more info HERE