Monday, December 15, 2008

Spirits Burning

Spirits burning is a music collective from San Fransisco, formed in the late 80's by Don Falcone.

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1999: New Worlds by Design *rapid-part1 *rapid-part2 *media-part1 *media-part2
2002: Reflections in a Radio Shower *rapid *media
2006: Found in nature (still looking for)
2008: Alien Injection *rapid-part1 *rapid-part2 *media-part1 *media-part2
2008: Earth Born. *rapid *media

Re-Up Gunslinger

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tank 86 - Behold

"The instrumental fourpiece TANK86 hails from the south of Holland, where they founded in 2005. Their first demo came out as a 3-split with two no longer existing bands, and sold all copies out in no time. This was a sign. The band geared up with a new drummer in the summer of 2007, and worked their way to their first album, the self released 'Behold' which saw the light of day in January 2008 which they are touring and promoting right now.

TANK86 is a pure live band, and they like their verses filled with lyrical great landscapes, riff-fest’s in their choruses, and enjoy pounding monumental big breaks, lacing it all together with odd note groupings and flaky timings. It is all about trying to master being in a band, rocking out, wielding axes and bashing walls of cymbals. Trying to get over spandex and dumb simple electronic beats, to work up a sweat again, like good musicians, and slaughter every last bit of thinking you've had about singers all together.

They’re just flexing muscles, it just started. TANK86 is here to stay. " ~ MySpace

Artist: Tank 86
Album: Behold
Year: 2008
Genre: Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock

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with thanks to Stefan



"DeWolff is a three-headed rockmonster that crawled right out of the Mississippimud to shake, rattle and roll the world with some raw, psychedelic sixtiesbluesrock. Armed with a screaming Hammond-organ, a muddy, howling guitar, thunderous drums and a soulful voice, these three Wolf men take you back to those wonderful 60’s and 70’s, when bands like Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple ruled the world of rock ‘n’ roll.

DeWolff was founded in 2007 in a town in the Southern part of the Netherlands (Limburg) called Geleen and consists of Pablo van de Poel, brother Luka van de Poel and Robin Piso. On the 5th of July 2008, DeWolff won the final rounds of Kunstbende. DeWolff was the first band in Kunstbende-history on which the jury had no remarks at all! DeWolff is an absolute live-sensation: their partly-improvised songs sometimes last more than 15 minutes! It’s got style, it plays loud and it plays with soul and passion: that’s DeWolff!" ~ MySpace

Artist: DeWolff
Album: DeWolff EP
Year: 2008
Genre: Raw Psychedelic sixtiesbluesrock

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White Witch Canyon

"WHITE WITCH CANYON, the new band featuring Tim Narducci (SYSTEMATIC, SPIRALARMS) on drums/vocals
The band's lineup is as follows:
Eric Hagen (GREENHOUSE EFFECT) - Guitar/Vocals
Tim Narducci (SYSTEMATIC, SPIRALARMS) - Drums/Vocals
Aaron Leigh (ECHO OF SOULS) – Bass" ~Blabbermouth

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Artist: White Witch Canyon
Album: White Witch Canyon
Year: 2008
Genre: Stoner - Heavy Rock

with thanks to Stefan

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Re-Up Mr Quimby's Beard

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Mr Quimby's Beard

Out There

The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries Of

Shrouded in Mystery Live

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Kings of Frog Island - II

"The UK`s finest purveyors of stoned and enthroned heavy psych rock, The Kings of Frog Island, are about to release the long awaited follow up to their self titled 2005 debut album via Elecktrohasch Records this September.
The Kings Of Frog Island -2 is the second installment of the Kings` epic trilogy following a natural progression through the world of tripped out stoned jams and the explosive anthemic hits set up on the first album moving on into the void and beyond the black.
The second album from Mathew Bethancourt`s (Josiah/Cherry Choke) magnificent side-project is musically similar to the 2005 debut, but the Kings have used a wider range of instrumentation and production transcending the psychedelic space rock anthems of the first amazing album.
If the blues was invented in 2008, it would sound like this! Ten brilliant tracks between blues, gospel, stoner, psych and doom. An outstanding album released as CD and limited hand-numbered edition of 500 LPs on 180gr vinyl." ~ StonerRock.Com

Band: The Kings of Frog Island
Album: II
Year: 2008
Genre: Stoner Psych Doom


Alan Davey

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2007 Four Track Mind Vol.1 mega badango
2007 Four Track Mind Vol.2 mega badango
2007 Four Track Mind Vol.3 mega badango
2001 The Final Call mega rapid
2000 Chaos Delight mega rapid
1997 Bedouin mega rapid
1996 Capture Rotation mega rapid

Alan Davey & Nigel Potter - Alien Heart mega rapid

Re-Up Quantum Fantay

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Pressurehed - Sudden Vertigo

"Born in the industrial music scene of Los Angeles, Pressurehed will emerge as the leading voice in the American space-rock universe.
Pressurehed was formed in 1987 in Hollywood (California) by vocalist Tommy Grenas and keyboardist Len Del Rio and for a while produced limited-edition cassettes. The band grew a cult mainly because of its live performances, where they used spectacular gothic/cyberpunk videos and slide projections.

Joined by Belgian bassist Marc Collignon, the duo made their first album, Infadrone. Collignon was replaced by Death Ride 69 guitarist Doran Shelley and Paul Fox of Trash Can School. With help from Helios Creed, the band recorded music for a spoken word album Sphynx by Hawkwind's Nik Turner.

Sudden Vertigo was born out of this line-up. Guitars take over keyboards, thereby resurrecting Chrome's nightmarish maelstroms and directing them into thundering and torrential jams. "
~ for more info go to History Of Rock Music

Artist: Pressurehed
Album: Sudden Vertigo
Year: 1993
Country: USA

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Brainbox - 2

"Brainbox was a Dutch rock group from the late 1960s/early 1970s. It was founded in Amsterdam by guitarist Jan Akkerman, drummer Pierre van der Linden, and singer Kazimir Lux. Their debut single was "Down Man", which established their progressive blues sound. They had several hit singles in the Netherlands, including "Between Alpha and Omega", "Doomsday Train", and "Smile". Soon after they released their first album, Akkerman and van der Linden left the group to join Focus. After van der linden and Akkerman left, Brainbox bass player Cyril Havermans also followed to join Focus, replacing the original Focus bass player. They were replaced by guitarists Herman Meyer and Rudie de Quelijoe and drummer Frans Smit. Meyer was later replaced by John Schuursma. After Kaz Lux left the group in 1971, their popularity waned and they split up in 1972. In 2004 Kaz Lux reassembled the band (though without Jan Akkerman) and they performed in the Netherlands." ~ Bio & Lyrics

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Re-Up -> Mugstar

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Bethany Heart Star


Re-up: The Magnificent Brotherhood - Demo

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Re-up -> Farflung - A Wound In Eternity

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Re-Up - > Spirit of John Morgan

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Age Machine


Re-Up Foreign Spaces

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Being Creature

Dark Star

Imagination Pictures Movie



Ufo Breakfast



Hiya people!
haven't been able to spend much time here on my pc so i just now saw a bunch of requests to re-up certain albums.
I've started on it so check back regularly to see if your req has been re-upped yet =)
stay psych! ;)

Agitation Free - The Other Side Of

The missing album in the Agitation Free discography
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well F*CK!

looks like is dead & burried *#%@$!
right now i don't have the time to re-up everything somewhere else
BUT if you see something intresting feel free to leave a request in the shoutbox & i'll definitely re-up your req's =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Foreign Spaces

"There is a mystical charm found in Germany's Foreign Spaces' take on space music. Their style of infusing lavish soundscapes with uptempo energy creates a sound that is simultaneously hypnotic and dynamic." ~ Matt Howarth

1995 - ufo breakfast **
1996 - being creature **
1997 - dark star **
2000 - phaeton **
2000 - relics **
2001 - imagination pictures music **
2003 - spheres (recorded 1984 - 1989) **

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Acid Jam - Acid Jam 2

" Before Acid Jam 2 there was, predictably enough, the original Acid Jam. In 1988, Nick Saloman, the one-man epicenter of latter-day British psychedelia (co-boss of Woronzow Records, publisher of The Ptolemaic Terrascope and brains behind The Bevis Frond) herded a hand-picked bunch of collaborators into a converted pigsty near London's Heathrow Airport. After a two-day recording session, Acid Jam was born.

Now, 12 years later, a sequel has finally arrived in the shape of this double CD set. Following a similar modus operandi, Saloman and Bevis Frond cohort (and former Hawklord) Ade Shaw convened a gathering of the extended Woronzow clan in Gold Dust Studios, Bromley. Additionally, contributions were solicited from some old friends and the Woronzow archives were combed for any other material appropriate for inclusion.

The dramatis personae of Acid Jam 2 reads like a who's who of British psychedelia and to trace the musical pedigrees, histories and myriad intersections of the participants would be a gargantuan task best left to rock genealogists of the Pete Frame variety. Suffice it to say that alumni of Hawkwind, Camel, High Tide, and Magic Muscle, as well as members of The Alchemysts, The Lucky Bishops, and the Outskirts of Infinity are among the cast assembled for this album. Even Nick Saloman's daughter sings on one number.

This is an acid rock extravaganza comprising 14 diverse tracks -- equally divided between instrumental and vocal numbers -- with a total running time of nearly two-and-a-half hours. Although the spirit and sound of this recording harken back to another period entirely, at the same time, Saloman and friends -- by some paradoxical sleight of hand -- have created an album that somehow feels wholly contemporary and is completely free of faddish, superficial retro-ism." much more info on PopMatters.Com


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spirit of John Morgan

"Keyboard player and vocalist John Morgan was a Graham Bond afficianado who turned toward psychedelia as the 1960's wore on. Billed originally as The Spirit of John Morgan, the band was successful enough to get booked into the Marquee and other top clubs, and cut three albums. Their self-titled debut into 1969 was followed by two more LPs in 1970 and 1972 (credited simply to John Morgan) for the Carnaby label. He also cut a single for British RCA in the early 1970's. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide" ~ Answers.Com

** Spirit of John Morgan - 1969
** Age Machine - 1970
** Kaleidoscope - 1972

Listen to:
I want You
Seventh Dawn

For more info & purchase information visit the homepage

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mr Quimby's Beard

"Mr. Quimby's Beard are one of the fastest rising bands in the Britishindependent music scene. Their multi-media stage show and powerful live> presentation recall the glory days of such great bands as Pink Floyd, andthe even more esoteric Hawkwind, while adding a modern sound to this> style of music making it uniquely their own. Along with other cutting edgeUK bands like Ozric Tentacles, Porcupine Tree, Bedouin, and Spacehead, theyare destined to make their mark in the neo psych-rock community. Mr.Quimby's Beard constantly presses the outer limits while> they drag the traditional cosmic psychedelia screaming and kicking intothe 21st century. This is a band that's not to be missed" ~ more info HERE or on their Homepage

** 1994 Mr Quimby's Beard
** 1997 Out There
** 1999 The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries Of
** 2001 Shrouded in Mystery Live

Listen to Mr Quimby's Beard @ MySpace
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Stinking Lizaveta

"written in 2006--- After four album releases and 10 years of touring around the country blitzing audiences with their famously dynamic live shows, Philadelphia’s instrumental power trio Stinking Lizaveta (named for a Dostoevsky character) has become an institution of sorts in the US underground music scene. Their eclectic style of music incorporates post-rock, metal, sludge, prog, stoner and doom with jazz stylings and eastern influences. RockDetector's book, 'History of Stoner, Goth, and Doom', categorizes their music as 'doom-jazz', a label that the band have taken to citing when asked to describe their music. " ~ more info at MySpace

** 1996 Hopelessness and Shame
** 2004 Caught Between Worlds
** 2007 Scream of the Iron Iconoclast

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Gunslinger - Earthquake In E Minor

" It was back in 1979 that Alan Davey and Nigel Potter began to structure the sonic wall that would soon become Gunslinger. Their obession with power and flat out rock and roll was begining to take shape. During the early formative years, name change followed name change, but it was when they called their latest incarnation CHAINSAW that the story really begins... It was here that songs like Warhorse, Gunslinger, Night Song and many others came into being. The sound that was to become Gunslinger was born. With influnces from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Hawkwind and many others, the full on assault was in full flow,' 79 was a great year for power, and the rest is history.....until now!!! " ~ Alan Davey homepage
for more info visit their MySpace page

Artist: Gunslinger
Album: Earthquake in E Minor
Year: 2008
Country: UK
Genre: Spacy Psychedelic Rock


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Sunday, June 22, 2008

.Zed - .Zed

".zed exists since Dec 2005 and is based in Bremen/Germany. .zed plays psychdelic instrumental rockmusic influenced by lots of bands and music of the stonerrock scene but also noiserock and older stuff... " ~ MySpace

Artist: .Zed
Album: .Zed
Year: 2006
Country: Germany
Genre: Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock


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.zed plays concerts for drinks, food, a sleeping place and money for the fuel. So feel free to invite them!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quantum Fantay

"Once upon a time in a small city called Lokeren ; two crazy friends (Pieter Van den Broeck (Pete Mush) and Wouter De Geest (Jaro)) were once again uniting their musical creativity to end up with a result of Liquid Space Rock(people been in the music business for ages still wonder what that is).The band ’Ozric Tentacles’ is a perfect example.It’s also a big influence for Pete and Jaro.The music makes you higher than high without using any drugs.And with some nice light and laser shows,(which they do very often),a Quantum gig is a show to remember a lifetime...To make the band live breathable and even more interesting the two neighbours attracted back in 2002 drummer Gino Verhaegen,guitarplayer Dario Frodo and flute-player Karel Slabbaert (Charles Sla).Quantum Fantay, a name that came out of a typing error in fantasy was on it’s way to hit the scene.. " ~ more info on their MySpace page

2005 Aagapanthusterra **
2007 ugisiunsi **

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Kickin'Ass - The Marvelous Circus Of The Growning Dwarves


"We are the recipe against boredom, the hope for rock, the energy and the distorsion power.. If you are quiet in our concerts and don..t move a finger that is ..cause you are deaf. What else could you ask for? Kickin.. ass isn..t the group that everybody is waiting for ..cause we aren..t ..punks... rock, punk, hard, stoner all mixed together. As we say, in ..nobodys land.., a bit of everything, ..TOO PUNK FOR HEAVIES, TOO HEAVY FOR PUNKS..." ~ MySpace

Artist: Kickin'Ass
Album: The Marvelous Circus Of The Growning Dwarves
Year: 2007
Genre: Stoner Punk

Thanks to the guys of Kickin'Ass -> Download

Listen to Kickin'Ass @ Myspace

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Test-Site - Self Titled

"Test-Site is lead by guitarist James Potter. Potter has played in some of Milwaukee's heaviest bands. He wielded the lead guitar for the legendary Dr. Shrinker then went along for the ride when Shrinker morphed into the mighty Feck. Feck imploded under their own weight leaving Potter band-less. He even gave up the guitar for a while. Soon the Gods of the Mighty Riff came calling again. He teamed up with Tim Wick on drums (Epsom Blu) and Matt Budda on bass (Ballpoint) to form the crushing Test-Site. The Test-Site sound is like the universes of Dr. Shrinker and Feck colliding in a Big Bang of crushing riff laden mayhem. Sparse harsh vocals pepper the decimated landscape leaving you devastated. Heavy, catchy, powerful and mesmerizing, taking the strength of Metal infusing it with 70's Prog-rock (leaving all the crap out). Throw the influence of Italian horror films and the psych films of Alejandro Jodorowsky into the mix makes Test-Site the powerful entity it is" ~ MySpace

Artist: Test-Site
Album: Test-Site
Year: 2004
Genre: Progressive-Psychedelic Stoner Rock/Metal


Listen to Test-Site @ MySpace
Buy their album @ Cd Baby

Supergiant - Antares

"In a dutch orange yellow sky fire of fall 2005 amidst an arid dusty high-desert somewhere on planet Earth, four distinct human-born galaxies collided creating colorful heavy musical fusion. Through burning intergalactic wormholes and the vibrations of their infinite minds the sonic waves of SuperGiant came to life bellowing to the darkest spaces within and without. Some say the very Universe lives and breathes through their bodies and sound, that love has brought them to one another and to the world. Others utter that the Sun lends their souls to musical healing and the very energy that connects us all to ourselves and countless other civilizations. As Antares smiles with joy so the bliss shall find all who choose to listen, feel and reveal themselves through groove. In a matter of minimal moments planets have come and gone, stars have lived and died and SuperGiant have become an undeniable force to intergalactic underground rock" ~ Supergiant

Artist: Supergiant
Album: Antares
Year: 2008
Genre: Stoner Rock


Listen to Supergiant @ Myspace
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Magnificent Brotherhood Of Eternal Love & The Happiness' Close Companions - 2006 Demo

"The garage rock quartet is certainly THE band from the current vibrating Berlin underground scene who kicks the most ass! Fuzz-guitar, Farfisa-organ, danceable and catchy compositions as well as a huge pinch of freak-out coin the brothers' wild sound. Often hailed as "the saviors of the non-electronic dance party", their music is refreshingly different from the ruling monotony in the current rock scene. In concert THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD unleashes an overwhelming energy that leaves no-one dry or motionless! Since they don't rack their brains too much their shows center around party, dancing and having fun which wows a young, well-mixed and colourful audience who goes way beyond the usual rock scene! THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD have just released their debut album on CD/LP and they are currently on the road through Europe in order to bring one of their trademark dance concerts to your town… " ~MySpace


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Monday, April 28, 2008

Farflung - A Wound In Eternity

"Like an apocalyptic beacon from the dark cosmos, Farflung awake from the cryogenic tubes with warped sensibilities and cosmic wrath... This is the heaviest and most tripped-out offering from these musicnauts to date. Dive bombing moogs, crushing riffs, and mind numbing cataclysmic overtures. This is A Wound In Eternity. Spacewarped by the various crew members voyages with Chrome, Nik Turner’s Hawkwind,Damo Suzuki Network, and Pressurehed. They set off in this new year to bring spacerock to your mental galaxy bathed in infared, shuddering under the strobes, and warping the eyes. Look to the skies for a touchdown near you." ~ StonerRock.Com

Artist: Farflung
Album: A Wound In Eternity
Year: 2008
Genre: Space Rock


Listen to Farflung @ MySpace
you can purchase their album(s) at StonerRock.Com

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Husky - The Sea King

"Husky got together in 2000, just 3 guys who wanted to make some good rock and roll music. We are focused and we have the determination to make our mark on rock and roll. Our power does not come from a front man with pretty hair or the right clothes. It comes from the past, the bluesman at the crossroads, from the bands in the 70’s that realized that fuzzy bass and 13 minute songs were the fuel that would propel rock into the future. Mix all this together and thats where the HuskyRock comes from. Well, that and Miller High Life. And Hostess Chocodiles" ~ MySpace

Review by John Pegoraro (
"For their sophomore album, Charlotte, North Carolina's Husky has come up with a bit of a challenge. See, The Sea King is a concept album (based on “The Sea King” - the largest vessel ever built in Bowdoinham, ME, circa 1877), and Husky is an instrumental band. Even Peter and the Wolf had some narration, and that was more of straightforward yarn.Those willing to invest the time can probably tie the individual tracks together into a cohesive narrative about a big fucking boat that one day sank in New York harbor, but for me, I'm just going to approach The Sea King as an album of songs and nothing more. Compared to their debut, the more landlubber named Circle the Wagons, Husky's certainly expanded their sound. While The Sea King still offers up plenty of dusty, Southern rock jams, there are also traces of straight forward rock (“Flagship”) and electronic fuzz n drone pyschedelia (“Mayans vs Martians,” “Rejoice”). Still, it's the semi-languid, sprawling tracks like “Aboard the Relic,” “Trading on the High Seas,” and “Leeward and Easy” that make The Sea King an impressive follow-up. The band seems most comfortable settling into a steady groove and letting the instruments express themselves. There's not a lot of fancy playing, but there's plenty of deep playing.As with Circle the Wagons, The Sea King seems like one of those albums that's perfect for late night drives on long stretches of highway. It's good music to get lost to, and a fine collection of songs. "

Artist: Husky
Album: The Sea King
Year: 2008
Genre: Instrumental, Psychedelic Stoner Jams


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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


"Mugstar are the sound of 10,000 suns exploding, pulsing and repetitive beauty, sounding like a sonic mantra. They set sail for the sun in 2002 and have completed numerous voyagers with the likes of Mogwai, Melt Banana, Onieda, Acid Mothers Temple and Part Chimp." ~ MySpace

Mugstar - Mugstar
Mugstar - Bethany Heart Start 7"

Listen to Mugstar @ MySpace
for purchase information visit their MySpace or Website

Monday, April 14, 2008

Annot Rhül - Lost in the Woods

"Annot Rhül is not a band in the traditional sense of the word, but a pseudonym for Sigurd Lühr Tonna, the man behind the music and arrangements. He plays the guitar, keys and effects, sometimes bass as well as other peculiar instruments. Sigurd is often joined in the studio by his creative friends on additional instruments. Lost in the Woods was made with the help from three members of Seid; Burt Rocket, Organ Morgan and Jürgen Kosmos, as well as; Haakon Marius Pettersen (Fuckface, Moving Oos, New Violators), Lene Stakset (Zetored, Geisha, Radio Saglars), Sven Arne Skarvik (Love Revolt, Ningun Extremo, Amberville), Stian Gjelvold (Nopia), Halvor William Sanden (Fritt Fall), and Ståle Norum (Tremolo Wankers, Thrush, Funny Farm). " More info on the Homepage

Artist: Annot Rhül
Album: Lost in the Woods
Year: 2007
Genre: "it is an eclectic journey through psychedelic rock, progressive rock, krautrock, mariachi surf, as well as a bunch of genres even Annot Rhül does not know the name of"


Listen to Annot Rhül @ MySpace
For purchase information visit the Homepage

Friday, April 11, 2008


" Nobody ever sounded quite like Seid in drowsy, cosy hometown of Arendal in southern Norway. Influences of psychedelia, folk, space rock and seventies prog added to fire up your ass rock`n roll, together formed the essence of Seid’s music. Ten years later, three of the remaining original members, alongside a couple of more recently arrived kosmonautes are starting to find their way out of Trondheim Rock City; Touring with the yellow space mobile, or laying down tracks in their own studio, SeidWise Studios. " more info on their homepage

2002 Amongst the Monster Flowers ***
2006 Creatures of the Underworld ***

Listen to Seid @ MySpace
Visit their Homepage for purchase information!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ataxia - Automatic Writing

" ATAXIA was a band for about two weeks in February 2004. It’s members are Joe Lally of Fugazi, Josh Klinghoffer and John Frusciante. The word ‘Ataxia’ is Greek for ‘disorder’. We were unaware at the time that it also has a meaning in English which is: total or partial inability to coordinate voluntary bodily movements, as in walking. In keeping with our names’ Greek meaning (quite unintentionally), the sections of our songs never had an arranged order. All our songs’ foundations are the bass which always plays one part throughout. The drums and guitar move about and generally use the vocal as their guide. The vocals and words were written, but the order the vocal sections occurred in, and how long the spaces between were, was different every time. So we would all stay on our toes to stay together for dynamics, changes in groove, switches to new sections, etc. We played two shows and recorded two records. The first record was released in August 2004. It was named after the surrealist activity called Automatic Writing. That was where people like Andre Breton and Max Ernst would write words in the form of sentences and paragraphs, but with absolutely no conscious attempt at meaning. They would observe the structure of their subconscious and it’s peculiar methods of organization (or the lack thereof) this way. And if there is one sure answer I can give to the question, “How did you write and record two albums in a week and a half?”, it is that we gave absolutely no thought to what we were doing, whatsoever. This music is unblemished by any expectations of a specific result, on our part. The three of us simply got together to hear what music had to say that week. We had fun together and this is the record of that fun. "- John Frusciante ~ MySpace

For more info and album purchase visit their MySpace page!

Band: Ataxia
Album: Automatic Writing
Year: 2004
Genre: Experimental Rock


listen to Ataxia @ MySpace

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cave - Hunt Like Devil/Jamz

" CAVE exists primarily as a means of channeling different states of intoxication into a musical form. CAVE also dabbles in telepathic communication. CAVE believes in no things, just states. Inspiration is derived from the environment, both physical and psychological. CAVE would not exist if it was not necessary for CAVE to exist. CAVE is not interested in where you ended up, only how you got there. CAVE is rock. " ~MySpace

Artist: Cave
Album: Hunt Like Devil/Jamz
Year: 2007
Genre: Instrumental, Psychedelic, Jams

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Friday, March 14, 2008


"Henry Frayne, the guitarist who records under the nom de musique Lanterna, is slowly rewriting the rule book on instrumental rock, although calling his music "rock" doesn't really do him justice. In Frayne's music, you can hear bits of John Fahey's American Primitive Guitar -- flurries of rippling arpeggios, rich ringing chord clusters and long, sustained single notes that hang in the air buzzing like fat, happy bumblebees. There are also hints of Michael Brook's world-music influenced minimalism, a bit of new wave pop and an eerie drone that harks back to both Eno's first post-Roxy experiments with ambient music and Joy Division's dark synthesizer-accented dirges. " ~ MySpace


1998 Lanterna
2001 Elm Street
2002 Sands
2004 Highway
2006 Desert Ocean

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

FlyJam - New Perspective

"FlyJam is a psychedelic / space rock / electronic band based in Budapest, Hungary, formed in June 2004, playing mostly instrumental, guitar based music, featuring two lead guitars, bass, vocals, keyboard and drums.
Our psycedelic tracks usually feature a kind of trippy, ambiental mood, while always keeping up the pace to give a danceable live experience. The band’s main influences are various contemporary acts w/ the same principles in mind, and some of the songs are close to songs by Hungarian bands like Másfél or ColorStar. " ~

Artist: FlyJam
Album: New Perspective
Year: 2005
Country: Hungary
Genre: Psychedelic, Space-Rock, Instrumental

Listen to FlyJam @ MySpace
visit their Homepage for more information

Floorian - What the Buzzing

"Floorian is a seductively spellbinding band from O-high-o. Exploring the realms of psychedelia, space rock and experimentalism, Floorian has conjured its own unique style of darkly melodic, hypnotic drone rock. While not easy to describe, these excursions are very easy to space out to, filled with mind-stretching sounds and textures... yet they also spend a considerable amount of time rocking out. The critics rave -- Matt Shimmer said: "While some songs are predominately atmospheric and soundscapey, the focus rests on a strong rock and pop influence that Floorian pulls off wonderfully. "Symptoms Alone" is a nine-minute epic of intergalactic folk-rock, like what you'd get if you shot Yo La Tengo even further into the depths of space. "Auravine," meanwhile, focuses more on drones, making great use of a wavering bassline, a sparse beat, and some echoing, atmospheric sounds in the background. Filled with amazing solos, galactic atmospheres, and catchy, all-enveloping bouts of rock, this is one of the best psychedelic records of the year." And Matt Howarth digs it too: "Dreamy guitars waft in the air, squealing, grinding, defining astral chords with tasty ease... these stringed manipulations achieve a transcendental disposition, building from a nebulous fog to screeching outcries, further elaborated by lead guitars that seek quite foreign sonic territories with their languid sustains and bent notes... alternating between psychedelic stylings and gothic darkness, conjuring melancholia that then strives to escape the box with emotional exertions. There's a romantic edge in this music, bestowing this spacerock with more than a touch of humanity, making the tunes more accessible." ~ MySpace

Artist: Floorian
Album: What the Buzzing
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Genre: Psychedelic, Space Rock


Listen to Floorian @ MySpace
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Friday, March 7, 2008

Sear Bliss - The Haunting

Album: The Haunting
Artist: Sear Bliss
Country: Hungary
Genre: Black/Doom Metal


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spaceship Landing - Self Titled

Review by Erik on Lords Of Metal:
Not again a German band discovering the seventies. So with a loaded heart I got this CD in the player, looked through the booklet and did some google-ing (is this a verb?). The instrumentaria are impressive, just take a look at
But most impressive on this CD is the wideness and the hugeness of the sound! Vocals are of minor importance and are put in irregular, like an additional instrument really. Listen to '1x Im Princip', where the singeing is actually…laughing! But the keyboards/organ is the instrument to listen for! It fills up every hole there is with bleeps and spacecraft sounds, just awesomely done! They like heavy bands and intro's like in ''Black Taxi' and they sometimes steal a riff like the Cream riff in 'Pann Backer', but who cares?!?! The longer songs are merely a fraction away from being superb, and if you like Cream, Clapton, Deep Purple or Kyuss you will love this seventies inspired, psychedelic feeling slow rock. I am very enthusiastic about this band! Great CD!

Artist: Spaceship Landing
Album: Spaceship Landing
Year: 2006
Genre: Psychedelic Space-Stoner


listen here
Homepage (to buy contact Spaceship Landing through their homepage)

Südstern 44

Südstern 44 - The Dampfwalze

This is a 70-minute-long, psychedelic jam session featuring members of Zone Six and Weltraumstaunen. This CD-R really has only one, really long track of improvised music played with two guitars, bass and drums recorded in 2004. The track begins with a really psychedelic, laid-back and bubbling delay guitar that soon changes into heavy psych/acid guitar jam feast. The musicians jam very tightly without any sing of getting tired or bored and the end result sounds at times like a cross-breeding of Bevis Frond and Marble Sheep. Occasionally I’m also reminded of the rehearsal jams of Dark Sun… The atmosphere is rather 70’s styled, I think. This is really hard stuff, until the track cools down somewhere in the middle. Then they go with full power again, and I guess stoner fans could like this too. The very end is also peaceful, psychedelic delay guitar stuff that fits well after this otherwise rather raw jamming. Although the music was recorded with just a little stereo mike, the sound quality is totally OK, and Dave Schmidt has done a good job editing the whole thing. I’m looking forward to the band’s actual debut album that should be out on Nasoni this autumn.16.10.06 by Dj Astro at Psychotropic Zone


Südstern 44 - Südstern

Südstern 44 is one of Dave Schmidt’s bands and this time he plays drums as well as synthesiser. The band features his band mates from Zone Six and other old bands (Growing Seeds, Weltraumstaunen). Prior to this, they have released one instrumental jam CD-R on Dave’s own Sulatron Records so this is the first official CD release. The band’s music isn’t just as psychedelic as some of the other stuff Dave does, but this high-quality studio album works and rocks extremely well.The mid-tempo psych rocker ”Panorama Spaceship” starts the album and the female bassist/singer Ellipopelli’s sedate and effected vocals fit in perfectly. It’s a pretty hypnotic track that has a more melodic chorus and some great guitar soloing. Works very well! The slower, a bit mystical “Mindfuck” comes next and again they go in a hypnotic style. This is a marvellous track in 5/4 time. The going is pretty monotonic and gets heavier occasionally. Before eight minutes have passed the track gets rather fierce and some discords and chaos follows. ”Kauderwelsch Maschine” begins with a narration in German and after that is rather fast rocking spiced with djembe. Some psychedelic, instrumental jamming comes next and there’s some more narration in the middle. “Südsee” has at first some sounds of waves and peaceful but hypnotic guitar. The comp joins in and the track grows gradually along with the psych sounds. The vocals on this number are just whispering which creates a special atmosphere. After three minutes the going breaks free and we hear some guitar soloing. There’s some more whispering in the middle. A very nice, dreamy and mid-tempo track. The album ends with the 14-minute-long ”Freischwimmer” that is excellent jamming. I really like the space sounds on this one! It’s a rather up-tempo instrumental, although it cools down after seven minutes. After ten minutes it grows again and there’s some more soloing in the end.This truly is a superb album and also the sound quality is excellent. The music is a little less far-out than for example the music of Zone Six, but this still works out great as tripping music! Absolutely worth getting if you’re interested in new German psychedelic post-rock.
05.09.07 by Dj Astro at
Psychotropic Zone


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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clark Hutchinson - Discography

"Andy Clark and Mick Hutchinson recorded four semi-legendary LPs of drug/scatter/raga-blues between 1969 and 1971. Mick Hutchinson was -- and still is -- a gifted guitarist who had began his career playing Indian style music with the tabla expert Sam Gopal. Although he never recorded with Sam Gopal's Dream -- a young guitarist named Lemmy eventually fulfilled this role -- Hutchinson and Gopal played together at the legendary 14 hour Technicolour Dream at London's Alexandra Palace in April of 1967. Later, he teamed up with the multi-instrumentalist Andy Clark. They both played a variety of instruments and this abundance of talent was brought to bear on the extraordinary two man album A=MH² which they recorded during two hectic 12 hour sessions in 1969 ... "~ Simon Smith

For more extended information visit Clicks and Klangs

1968 - Blues
1969 - A=Mh2
1970 - Retribution
1971 - Gestalt

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The Giant Hogweed Orchestra - Self Titled

"In case you’re wondering, neither the band’s name nor their music bear any relation to GENESIS. This all-instrumental Finnish quintet produces highly guitar-dominated material that has the fluidity of PINK FLOYD, the intensity of PORCUPINE TREE and the obsessive rhythmics of OZRIC TENTACLES. The band, who uses no synthesizer whatsoever, consists of two electric guitarists (Antti Aalto and Mika Muinonen), a bassist (Turo Sinkkonen), a drummer (Jaako Kakko) and a flute player (Jyri Traskelin). Some of them contribute acoustic guitar and piano whereas additional guests supply bits of mellotron and trumpet on their only album to date.
Their one (eponymous) album is a combination of symphonic space rock and art rock with hints of jazz fusion and space metal. Over the three epic pieces that dominate the 6-track album, the twin guitars soar, duel and strike with amazing firepower, challenging each other as well as the flute, bass and drums; the music can also be very melodic and flow most beautifully. The rhythm section, produced to perfection, sounds crisp and solid, but it’s the guitar work that takes center stage and will delight fans of early HACKETT, early WISHBONE ASH and DJAM KARET alike. A brilliant piece through and through.
Highly recommended to anyone into classic symphonic space rock." ~

Artist: The Giant Hogweed Orchestra
Album: Giant hogweed Orchestra
Year: 2004
Genre: instrumental psychedelic space-rock

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Listen in low-fi to

Rs or Mf

The Devil And The Sea - Heart vs. Spine

The Daily News - Pittsburgh, PAFebruary 12th, 2008
Formed from members of Icepick Revival and Collapsar, the Devil and the Sea’s “Heart vs. Spine” is a long, sludgy, grimy, doom-minded slab of death that just might violently force itself into your collection before Mastodon and Unsane (because you have to do this alphabetically) on your future-minded, I-can’t-really-describe-this-to-actual-people metal shelf. You have one of those, right? Ten-minute opener “Batwing” speeds up and slows down so many times, it’s enough to unload the contents of your stomach. “Monolith” and “Tea Pinky” cut the running time nearly in half, but it just means they have a smaller hole in which to jam their savagery. The epic title track pushes 15 minutes but never seems as long, and 17-minute closer “Abra Cadaver” cannot even be classified as actual music — it’s a raging, boiling cauldron of feedback foam, guitar crunch, and relentless, throat-gauged ranting that only serves the purpose of ridding their hearts of blackness so that they can fill them up again. (BK)

Artist: The Devil And The Sea
Album: Heart vs. Spine
Year: 2008
Genre: Sludge Doom

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Rs or Mf

Monday, February 25, 2008

Incredible Expanding Mindfuck - I.E.M.

"The Incredible Expanding Mindfuck is an occasional Steven Wilson project, in which Steven produces psychedelic experimental music inspired by material from the '60s, '70s and beyond (particularly the Krautrock of Neu!, Can and Faust, post-rock, Frank Zappa and the cosmic jazz of artists like Sun Ra). The music is a mixture of motorik grooves, textures, speech cut-ups, scientific psychedelia and organic dreamscapes." ~ No-Man

Artist: Incredible Expanding Mindfuck
Album: I.E.M.
Year: 1996
Genre: Space-Rock, Psychedelic, Instrumental

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Phafner - Overdrive

This band formed in Marshalltown, Iowa in 1969 playing a form of hard-edged, drug-induced rock'n'roll. Their album was recorded in a basement studio in 1971 and just 50 copies were pressed on the Dragon label. Overdrive features some pretty fine and varied guitar work. The opening cut, Plea From The Soul, has lots of fuzz and mouth harp; Uncle Jerry and Rock n Roll Man feature breckneck guitar work whilst by contrast Whiskey Took My Woman is slower and bluesy. ~ Last.Fm

Artist: Phafner
Ablum: Overdrive
Year: 1972
Genre: Garage-Rock, Heavy Psych-Rock


Listen to in low-fi
Rock and Roll Man

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Architectural Metaphor - Odysseum Galacti

They are a three (now four) piece space rock band from the west of Massachusetts. Sometimes described as the best Krautrock band in the US, their sound and name are linked. The name,thought of by founding member and keyboardist Paul Eggleston, comes out of the way the band composes songs through jam sessions. "Our music is constantly improvisational. It turns into something eventually, like architecture. It's sort of a psychedelic process". The band usually performs one or two covers in their sets,by bands that they have obviously been influenced by such as Hawkwind, Roxy Music, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream. The band's sound used to be very heavy on the synthesizers with the guitar laying down a spacey wave through the music as opposed to a standard song riff, with the songs free flowing in space. The only words were the occassional poem. The freeform lineup varied from 4-6 members and recorded the bulk of Odysseum Galacti before paring down to a trio in 92. ~ (more info on MySpace)

Artist: Architectural Metaphor
Album: Odysseum Galacti
Year: 1994
Genre: Space (rock), Ambient, Psychedelic, (mostly) Instrumental


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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Kings Of Frog Island - Self Titled

" THE KINGS OF FROG ISLAND crash landed the game during the summer heat of 2003. Mark Buteaux (Guitars) and Dodge Watson (Percussions) had laid down three or four open ended grooves together at Amphibia Sound just for the hell of it. Enter Josiah front man Mat Bethancourt (Guitars, Vocals and Bass) to work on some demo recordings with Mark, The Kings Of Frog Island are born. Drawing on a collective passion for cult movie soundtracks and mammoth riffs the Kings had some high times making this, their eponymous debut album. Stashed full of heavy psych rock and fragile laments to love, life and the eternal sleep. This album is truly a rollercoaster ride across the mountains of madness, beyond the beyond to the shores of Frog Island and the gates of Amphibia. Come take a trip……….." ~MySpace

Artist: The Kings Of Frog Island
Album: The Kings Of Frog Island
Year: 2005
Genre: Psychedelic Stoner Rock


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Danava - UnonoU

"Epic sludge riffage and hallucinatory fervor..." - Entertainment Weekly

"The progressive modulation of hard rock penetrates your eardrums like an Ampeg hurled at you from a sixth floor balcony" - Anthem

"Darkly hypnotic...a chaotic psychmetal brew." - Guitar World

Get more info and their albums @ Kemado Records

Artist: Danava
Album: UnonoU
Year: 2008
Genre: Psychedelic Heavy Hard Rockin' Stoner


Listen to Danava @ Myspace

From their new album UnonoU
~ Where Beauty And Terror Dance~

Graveyard - Self Titled

"One listen to the self-titled debut from Sweden's Graveyard and you swear that this thing was recorded in 1971. Psychedelic, often times bluesy yet heavy guitar riffs, enchanting atmosphere, swirling drum patterns, and hazy vocals, all permeate this wildly seductive hard rock album. Think Cream, Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, The Doors, Pentagram, Grand Funk Railroad, or newer acts like Witchcraft, Gentleman's Pistols, and Danzig. Produced by Don Ahlsterberg, who did a fantastic job of really honing in on a classic vibe here, Graveyard just drips with psychedelic menace from start to finish, and everything from the guitar riffs to the vocals is so retro 70's that you gotta love it. Hard to pick highlight tracks here as all of them are enjoyable in their own right, but the Jim Morrison meets Ozzy bluesy strut of "Right Is Wrong", the haunting doom of "Satan's Finest", "Evil Ways" (featuring some wicked wah-wah guitar solos), and "Blue Soul", or the out-and-out stunning hard rock of "Thin Line", "Submarine Blues", and "Lost in Confusion" all warrant your immediate attention." ~ Sea of Tranquility

Artist: Graveyard
Album: Graveyard
Year: 2007
Genre: Psychedelic Stoner-Rock


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Tristeza - A Colores

"A colorful journey beyond instrumental post-rock, delving into the darker realms of modern psychedelia."

Artist: Tristeza
Album: A Colores
Year: 2005
Genre: Instro Post-Rock

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Kamchatka are a Swedish power trio highly influenced by late 1960s and early 1970s blues-rock bands. Their sound combines elements of blues-rock, stoner rock and psychedelic rock. ~ Wikipedia

Kamchatka - Self Titled Album

Kamchatka - Volume II

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The Mermen

The Mermen are a psychedelic surf band from San Francisco, California. whose sound harks back to surf music of the 1960s, but is altered by a blues-psychedelic neurosis a` la Neil Young and by devastating spasms a` la Jimi Hendrix, thanks to guitarist Jim Thomas' flights of imagination. ~ Wikipedia

The Mermen - a glorious lethel euphoria

The Mermen - the amazing california health and happiness road show

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Charlie & Esdor - Charlie & Esdor

Formed through the combo of Edmund "Charlie" Franzen and Esdor Jensen.The group was part of the incredibly productive Swedish psychedelic scene. They began playing together with a few friends in a band that never materialized, recorded several singles and almost enough material for an album that was never formally released. Heavy acid guitar rock with a pounding backbeat and sitar galore. If you have any interest in Dungen, you can really see hear that sound as it existed in its own time. The folkier raga tracks stand up but it's the heavy guitar oriented ones that really propel this into essential territory ~ Last.Fm

Artist: Charlie & Esdor
Album: Charlie & Esdor
Year: 1970
Genre: Psychedelia


Listen in low-fi:
dagen Är Över
grönt Är skönt