Thursday, February 7, 2008

Charlie & Esdor - Charlie & Esdor

Formed through the combo of Edmund "Charlie" Franzen and Esdor Jensen.The group was part of the incredibly productive Swedish psychedelic scene. They began playing together with a few friends in a band that never materialized, recorded several singles and almost enough material for an album that was never formally released. Heavy acid guitar rock with a pounding backbeat and sitar galore. If you have any interest in Dungen, you can really see hear that sound as it existed in its own time. The folkier raga tracks stand up but it's the heavy guitar oriented ones that really propel this into essential territory ~ Last.Fm

Artist: Charlie & Esdor
Album: Charlie & Esdor
Year: 1970
Genre: Psychedelia


Listen in low-fi:
dagen Är Över
grönt Är skönt

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Anonymous said...

You know your stuff, man!

Dogs "Teen Slime" is an essential protopunk listen > U.S., 1973