Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Devil And The Sea - Heart vs. Spine

The Daily News - Pittsburgh, PAFebruary 12th, 2008
Formed from members of Icepick Revival and Collapsar, the Devil and the Sea’s “Heart vs. Spine” is a long, sludgy, grimy, doom-minded slab of death that just might violently force itself into your collection before Mastodon and Unsane (because you have to do this alphabetically) on your future-minded, I-can’t-really-describe-this-to-actual-people metal shelf. You have one of those, right? Ten-minute opener “Batwing” speeds up and slows down so many times, it’s enough to unload the contents of your stomach. “Monolith” and “Tea Pinky” cut the running time nearly in half, but it just means they have a smaller hole in which to jam their savagery. The epic title track pushes 15 minutes but never seems as long, and 17-minute closer “Abra Cadaver” cannot even be classified as actual music — it’s a raging, boiling cauldron of feedback foam, guitar crunch, and relentless, throat-gauged ranting that only serves the purpose of ridding their hearts of blackness so that they can fill them up again. (BK)

Artist: The Devil And The Sea
Album: Heart vs. Spine
Year: 2008
Genre: Sludge Doom

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