Monday, February 25, 2008

Incredible Expanding Mindfuck - I.E.M.

"The Incredible Expanding Mindfuck is an occasional Steven Wilson project, in which Steven produces psychedelic experimental music inspired by material from the '60s, '70s and beyond (particularly the Krautrock of Neu!, Can and Faust, post-rock, Frank Zappa and the cosmic jazz of artists like Sun Ra). The music is a mixture of motorik grooves, textures, speech cut-ups, scientific psychedelia and organic dreamscapes." ~ No-Man

Artist: Incredible Expanding Mindfuck
Album: I.E.M.
Year: 1996
Genre: Space-Rock, Psychedelic, Instrumental

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Anonymous said...

In my previous comment I was a little disparaging toward Steve Wilson,this album I do happen to own already,and to set the record straight,I think it is better than any of his Porcupine Tree stuff.I think perhaps I am the one in the minority as loads of my mates love The Porc's.
Good rare upload.

BronDune said...

Thanks a lot for sharing :o)

elMACHUCA said...

Thanks mijo...