Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clark Hutchinson - Discography

"Andy Clark and Mick Hutchinson recorded four semi-legendary LPs of drug/scatter/raga-blues between 1969 and 1971. Mick Hutchinson was -- and still is -- a gifted guitarist who had began his career playing Indian style music with the tabla expert Sam Gopal. Although he never recorded with Sam Gopal's Dream -- a young guitarist named Lemmy eventually fulfilled this role -- Hutchinson and Gopal played together at the legendary 14 hour Technicolour Dream at London's Alexandra Palace in April of 1967. Later, he teamed up with the multi-instrumentalist Andy Clark. They both played a variety of instruments and this abundance of talent was brought to bear on the extraordinary two man album A=MH² which they recorded during two hectic 12 hour sessions in 1969 ... "~ Simon Smith

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1968 - Blues
1969 - A=Mh2
1970 - Retribution
1971 - Gestalt

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