Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Giant Hogweed Orchestra - Self Titled

"In case you’re wondering, neither the band’s name nor their music bear any relation to GENESIS. This all-instrumental Finnish quintet produces highly guitar-dominated material that has the fluidity of PINK FLOYD, the intensity of PORCUPINE TREE and the obsessive rhythmics of OZRIC TENTACLES. The band, who uses no synthesizer whatsoever, consists of two electric guitarists (Antti Aalto and Mika Muinonen), a bassist (Turo Sinkkonen), a drummer (Jaako Kakko) and a flute player (Jyri Traskelin). Some of them contribute acoustic guitar and piano whereas additional guests supply bits of mellotron and trumpet on their only album to date.
Their one (eponymous) album is a combination of symphonic space rock and art rock with hints of jazz fusion and space metal. Over the three epic pieces that dominate the 6-track album, the twin guitars soar, duel and strike with amazing firepower, challenging each other as well as the flute, bass and drums; the music can also be very melodic and flow most beautifully. The rhythm section, produced to perfection, sounds crisp and solid, but it’s the guitar work that takes center stage and will delight fans of early HACKETT, early WISHBONE ASH and DJAM KARET alike. A brilliant piece through and through.
Highly recommended to anyone into classic symphonic space rock." ~

Artist: The Giant Hogweed Orchestra
Album: Giant hogweed Orchestra
Year: 2004
Genre: instrumental psychedelic space-rock

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