Monday, April 28, 2008

Farflung - A Wound In Eternity

"Like an apocalyptic beacon from the dark cosmos, Farflung awake from the cryogenic tubes with warped sensibilities and cosmic wrath... This is the heaviest and most tripped-out offering from these musicnauts to date. Dive bombing moogs, crushing riffs, and mind numbing cataclysmic overtures. This is A Wound In Eternity. Spacewarped by the various crew members voyages with Chrome, Nik Turner’s Hawkwind,Damo Suzuki Network, and Pressurehed. They set off in this new year to bring spacerock to your mental galaxy bathed in infared, shuddering under the strobes, and warping the eyes. Look to the skies for a touchdown near you." ~ StonerRock.Com

Artist: Farflung
Album: A Wound In Eternity
Year: 2008
Genre: Space Rock


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Husky - The Sea King

"Husky got together in 2000, just 3 guys who wanted to make some good rock and roll music. We are focused and we have the determination to make our mark on rock and roll. Our power does not come from a front man with pretty hair or the right clothes. It comes from the past, the bluesman at the crossroads, from the bands in the 70’s that realized that fuzzy bass and 13 minute songs were the fuel that would propel rock into the future. Mix all this together and thats where the HuskyRock comes from. Well, that and Miller High Life. And Hostess Chocodiles" ~ MySpace

Review by John Pegoraro (
"For their sophomore album, Charlotte, North Carolina's Husky has come up with a bit of a challenge. See, The Sea King is a concept album (based on “The Sea King” - the largest vessel ever built in Bowdoinham, ME, circa 1877), and Husky is an instrumental band. Even Peter and the Wolf had some narration, and that was more of straightforward yarn.Those willing to invest the time can probably tie the individual tracks together into a cohesive narrative about a big fucking boat that one day sank in New York harbor, but for me, I'm just going to approach The Sea King as an album of songs and nothing more. Compared to their debut, the more landlubber named Circle the Wagons, Husky's certainly expanded their sound. While The Sea King still offers up plenty of dusty, Southern rock jams, there are also traces of straight forward rock (“Flagship”) and electronic fuzz n drone pyschedelia (“Mayans vs Martians,” “Rejoice”). Still, it's the semi-languid, sprawling tracks like “Aboard the Relic,” “Trading on the High Seas,” and “Leeward and Easy” that make The Sea King an impressive follow-up. The band seems most comfortable settling into a steady groove and letting the instruments express themselves. There's not a lot of fancy playing, but there's plenty of deep playing.As with Circle the Wagons, The Sea King seems like one of those albums that's perfect for late night drives on long stretches of highway. It's good music to get lost to, and a fine collection of songs. "

Artist: Husky
Album: The Sea King
Year: 2008
Genre: Instrumental, Psychedelic Stoner Jams


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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


"Mugstar are the sound of 10,000 suns exploding, pulsing and repetitive beauty, sounding like a sonic mantra. They set sail for the sun in 2002 and have completed numerous voyagers with the likes of Mogwai, Melt Banana, Onieda, Acid Mothers Temple and Part Chimp." ~ MySpace

Mugstar - Mugstar
Mugstar - Bethany Heart Start 7"

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Annot Rhül - Lost in the Woods

"Annot Rhül is not a band in the traditional sense of the word, but a pseudonym for Sigurd Lühr Tonna, the man behind the music and arrangements. He plays the guitar, keys and effects, sometimes bass as well as other peculiar instruments. Sigurd is often joined in the studio by his creative friends on additional instruments. Lost in the Woods was made with the help from three members of Seid; Burt Rocket, Organ Morgan and Jürgen Kosmos, as well as; Haakon Marius Pettersen (Fuckface, Moving Oos, New Violators), Lene Stakset (Zetored, Geisha, Radio Saglars), Sven Arne Skarvik (Love Revolt, Ningun Extremo, Amberville), Stian Gjelvold (Nopia), Halvor William Sanden (Fritt Fall), and Ståle Norum (Tremolo Wankers, Thrush, Funny Farm). " More info on the Homepage

Artist: Annot Rhül
Album: Lost in the Woods
Year: 2007
Genre: "it is an eclectic journey through psychedelic rock, progressive rock, krautrock, mariachi surf, as well as a bunch of genres even Annot Rhül does not know the name of"


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Friday, April 11, 2008


" Nobody ever sounded quite like Seid in drowsy, cosy hometown of Arendal in southern Norway. Influences of psychedelia, folk, space rock and seventies prog added to fire up your ass rock`n roll, together formed the essence of Seid’s music. Ten years later, three of the remaining original members, alongside a couple of more recently arrived kosmonautes are starting to find their way out of Trondheim Rock City; Touring with the yellow space mobile, or laying down tracks in their own studio, SeidWise Studios. " more info on their homepage

2002 Amongst the Monster Flowers ***
2006 Creatures of the Underworld ***

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