Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Debris

"Space Debris is a German band whose music will transport you back 30 years to the pioneering days of Krautrock and Progressive influenced Psychedelia.

Lots of lengthy stretch out guitar jams and an old time organ sound that will make you swoon. Influences range from Amon Düül and Can on the one hand to a psychedelicious take on the Santana, Allman Brothers, and early Deep Purple or Floyd stylings.

If you like early 70's styled jamming prog-psych you'll love this band. The band made since now 4 Vinyls/CDs and one DVD/CD, you can all order here. Models were unconsciously Lps and Artwork from the late 60igern and early 70 igern years, as well as German Kraut with long improvisations and spontaneous experiments. " ~ MySpace

Band: Space Debris
Country: Germany
Genre: Kraut, Psych, Prog

Listen to Space Debris @ MySpace
for more (purchase) info visit their homepage

2002 - krautrock-sessions 1994-2001 *r *m
2005 - kraut lok *r *m
2006 - three *r *m
2008 - elephant moon cd 1 *r *m - cd 2 *r *m
2009 - live ghosts *r *m

i'm only missing the live dvd/cd "Live At Burg Herzberg Festival 2006 - Into The Sun"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


these dudes are brilliant!
had been a while since i listened to em
but i still love em as much as i did the first time i heard em =)

'Galacticka plays waste of space rock. This state of [of the art] groovy apocalyptic audiowaste is achieved by combining classic space rock elements with dark psychedelic sounds and monotonous stoner themes.

If the overall sound of Galacticka remains undefined in subjective audiospace, it must be heard in the far reaches of the brain. That IS the point of Galacticka.

Use in high dosage levels and let yourself remain in waste of space.' ~ MySpace

Band: Galacticka
Country: Finland
Genre: Space Rock

Listen to Galacticka @ MySpace
for more info visit their homepage

2004 - the void - cargo *r *m
2004 - varjo *r *m
2005 - avanto *r *m
2005 - experiment *r *m
2005 - inner solar error *r *m
2006 - de-ep *r *m
2006 - conspiracy *r *m
2007 - apocalypse psychedelicka *r *m