Tuesday, August 4, 2009


these dudes are brilliant!
had been a while since i listened to em
but i still love em as much as i did the first time i heard em =)

'Galacticka plays waste of space rock. This state of [of the art] groovy apocalyptic audiowaste is achieved by combining classic space rock elements with dark psychedelic sounds and monotonous stoner themes.

If the overall sound of Galacticka remains undefined in subjective audiospace, it must be heard in the far reaches of the brain. That IS the point of Galacticka.

Use in high dosage levels and let yourself remain in waste of space.' ~ MySpace

Band: Galacticka
Country: Finland
Genre: Space Rock

Listen to Galacticka @ MySpace
for more info visit their homepage

2004 - the void - cargo *r *m
2004 - varjo *r *m
2005 - avanto *r *m
2005 - experiment *r *m
2005 - inner solar error *r *m
2006 - de-ep *r *m
2006 - conspiracy *r *m
2007 - apocalypse psychedelicka *r *m


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for posting this fabulous band. I have one album and it's great!
In fact, the entire blog is awesome! Congratulations!
Perhaps a request for another band that would fit well in this blog: Do you happen to have anything by Space Debris? Would be much appreciated.



zillagord said...

Thanks for these. I had a few, but not all. Great that you tracked 'em all down!

LOL @ the above comment. I believe you might have what Daniel is requesting ;)

Hope you are well. Talk to you soon.


Nes said...

Daniel, thanks! cool you're digging the blog and you're so welcome for the galacticka albums =)
Space Debris is on it's way ;)

Zilla, hiya my friend! yup all's well ;) hope at your end of the pond too?!
had these albums for quite some time already, thought you had em too!
and you're right - i got some debris laying around *grins*

joerg.steinhauer said...

great! thanx for this, nes :) new stuff for my player