Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Atomic #76

Atomic #76 took their name from Atomic Metal Number 76, which happens to be the heaviest metal known to man. I guess that tells you something about this NYC band, but it hardly describes the classic metal sound they manage to pull off. The hooks are indeed heavy and memorable in the way that Led Zeppelins were not that they sound like that band or exactly like any other from that era. But they do have that familiar, old school sound that you can just groove to in a head-banging kind of way. In a trio, all this relies greatly on the expertise of the individual members - drummer Ronnie Seward, guitarist Mauro Felipe and bassist/singer Bingo Sanatra. When I caught a recent show, all three were ably pulling their weight. And heavy it was. Felipes extended solos were extraordinary, while Bingos bass was heavier than dirt and complimented his gritty voice which brings to mind Leslie West in his prime and Seward not only held it all together, but added thunderous fills that managed to both showcase his talent and fatten up the bands sound considerably. A power trio in the classic sense of the phrase. - MS, NEON Magazine


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mf76 said...

Hey...just saw the blog....Mauro Felipe from Atomic Number 76 here. All good! I have a recent unreleased Ep we recorded that shits all over our other recordings. I'm looking to get it out there. Want to ad it to your blog? If so shoot me an email

nes said...

well - leave it up to me to not check old posts/comments ... so sorry for the late reply! *grins* - no doubts i would love to post the (not so) new ep - so i mailed you ;)
keep on rockin'!