Sunday, February 24, 2008

Architectural Metaphor - Odysseum Galacti

They are a three (now four) piece space rock band from the west of Massachusetts. Sometimes described as the best Krautrock band in the US, their sound and name are linked. The name,thought of by founding member and keyboardist Paul Eggleston, comes out of the way the band composes songs through jam sessions. "Our music is constantly improvisational. It turns into something eventually, like architecture. It's sort of a psychedelic process". The band usually performs one or two covers in their sets,by bands that they have obviously been influenced by such as Hawkwind, Roxy Music, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream. The band's sound used to be very heavy on the synthesizers with the guitar laying down a spacey wave through the music as opposed to a standard song riff, with the songs free flowing in space. The only words were the occassional poem. The freeform lineup varied from 4-6 members and recorded the bulk of Odysseum Galacti before paring down to a trio in 92. ~ (more info on MySpace)

Artist: Architectural Metaphor
Album: Odysseum Galacti
Year: 1994
Genre: Space (rock), Ambient, Psychedelic, (mostly) Instrumental


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