Wednesday, February 6, 2008

5ive - Hesperus

Review by John Pegoraro (
5ive has always excelled at making more with less, creating a swirling tapestry of jam-like psychedelics and doom-heavy riffs with just drums and guitar. Since the band is stripped down to just two members, drummer Charlie Harrold and guitarist Ben Carr know that in order for the songs to work, they have to be locked together, each pushing the other forward. Listen to the way the two play off each other in tracks like “Gulls,” “Big Sea,” and “Polar 78” - there`s a wealth of subtle phrasings and no wasted notes. Each one counts as much as the next.Those familiar with the band`s first two albums will note that Hesperus doesn`t have that same sludge-thick tone, but it works in the band`s favor. As with the excellent Versus EP, 5ive creates a strong sense of dynamics by alternating between propulsive distortion and moody, lighter passages. The reflective “Heel” is one example, but it`s better to call out “News I” and “News II,” the two tracks that close out Hesperus. In both songs, the band sounds progressively bigger and bigger, piling on layers of sound, to the point where it`s almost suffocating. And then, just like that, they pull back, giving you a moment`s breath, before diving back into the controlled chaos again.It`s been too long since we`ve heard from 5ive, but Hesperus delivers and then some. If you haven`t heard the band before, you`re missing out. Highly recommended.

Artist: 5ive
Album: Hesperus
Year: 2008
Genre: instro atmospheric sludge-doom

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