Monday, June 23, 2008

Gunslinger - Earthquake In E Minor

" It was back in 1979 that Alan Davey and Nigel Potter began to structure the sonic wall that would soon become Gunslinger. Their obession with power and flat out rock and roll was begining to take shape. During the early formative years, name change followed name change, but it was when they called their latest incarnation CHAINSAW that the story really begins... It was here that songs like Warhorse, Gunslinger, Night Song and many others came into being. The sound that was to become Gunslinger was born. With influnces from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Hawkwind and many others, the full on assault was in full flow,' 79 was a great year for power, and the rest is history.....until now!!! " ~ Alan Davey homepage
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Artist: Gunslinger
Album: Earthquake in E Minor
Year: 2008
Country: UK
Genre: Spacy Psychedelic Rock


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