Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mr Quimby's Beard

"Mr. Quimby's Beard are one of the fastest rising bands in the Britishindependent music scene. Their multi-media stage show and powerful live> presentation recall the glory days of such great bands as Pink Floyd, andthe even more esoteric Hawkwind, while adding a modern sound to this> style of music making it uniquely their own. Along with other cutting edgeUK bands like Ozric Tentacles, Porcupine Tree, Bedouin, and Spacehead, theyare destined to make their mark in the neo psych-rock community. Mr.Quimby's Beard constantly presses the outer limits while> they drag the traditional cosmic psychedelia screaming and kicking intothe 21st century. This is a band that's not to be missed" ~ more info HERE or on their Homepage

** 1994 Mr Quimby's Beard
** 1997 Out There
** 1999 The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries Of
** 2001 Shrouded in Mystery Live

Listen to Mr Quimby's Beard @ MySpace
for more music & purchase information visit their Homepage


Anonymous said...

I only had one album by these spacey freaksters.Thanking you very much for making all these available for a listen.
HAPPY DAZE. chaoticreason.

Nes said...

you're most welcome =) hope you find the others earpleasing too ^^

Anonymous said...


Nes said...

my pleasure ;)

Anonymous said...

could you repost Quimby's Beard "Out There" please?