Thursday, March 13, 2008

Floorian - What the Buzzing

"Floorian is a seductively spellbinding band from O-high-o. Exploring the realms of psychedelia, space rock and experimentalism, Floorian has conjured its own unique style of darkly melodic, hypnotic drone rock. While not easy to describe, these excursions are very easy to space out to, filled with mind-stretching sounds and textures... yet they also spend a considerable amount of time rocking out. The critics rave -- Matt Shimmer said: "While some songs are predominately atmospheric and soundscapey, the focus rests on a strong rock and pop influence that Floorian pulls off wonderfully. "Symptoms Alone" is a nine-minute epic of intergalactic folk-rock, like what you'd get if you shot Yo La Tengo even further into the depths of space. "Auravine," meanwhile, focuses more on drones, making great use of a wavering bassline, a sparse beat, and some echoing, atmospheric sounds in the background. Filled with amazing solos, galactic atmospheres, and catchy, all-enveloping bouts of rock, this is one of the best psychedelic records of the year." And Matt Howarth digs it too: "Dreamy guitars waft in the air, squealing, grinding, defining astral chords with tasty ease... these stringed manipulations achieve a transcendental disposition, building from a nebulous fog to screeching outcries, further elaborated by lead guitars that seek quite foreign sonic territories with their languid sustains and bent notes... alternating between psychedelic stylings and gothic darkness, conjuring melancholia that then strives to escape the box with emotional exertions. There's a romantic edge in this music, bestowing this spacerock with more than a touch of humanity, making the tunes more accessible." ~ MySpace

Artist: Floorian
Album: What the Buzzing
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Genre: Psychedelic, Space Rock


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