Friday, March 14, 2008


"Henry Frayne, the guitarist who records under the nom de musique Lanterna, is slowly rewriting the rule book on instrumental rock, although calling his music "rock" doesn't really do him justice. In Frayne's music, you can hear bits of John Fahey's American Primitive Guitar -- flurries of rippling arpeggios, rich ringing chord clusters and long, sustained single notes that hang in the air buzzing like fat, happy bumblebees. There are also hints of Michael Brook's world-music influenced minimalism, a bit of new wave pop and an eerie drone that harks back to both Eno's first post-Roxy experiments with ambient music and Joy Division's dark synthesizer-accented dirges. " ~ MySpace


1998 Lanterna
2001 Elm Street
2002 Sands
2004 Highway
2006 Desert Ocean

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