Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spaceship Landing - Self Titled

Review by Erik on Lords Of Metal:
Not again a German band discovering the seventies. So with a loaded heart I got this CD in the player, looked through the booklet and did some google-ing (is this a verb?). The instrumentaria are impressive, just take a look at http://www.die-tonmeisterei.de/.
But most impressive on this CD is the wideness and the hugeness of the sound! Vocals are of minor importance and are put in irregular, like an additional instrument really. Listen to '1x Im Princip', where the singeing is actually…laughing! But the keyboards/organ is the instrument to listen for! It fills up every hole there is with bleeps and spacecraft sounds, just awesomely done! They like heavy bands and intro's like in ''Black Taxi' and they sometimes steal a riff like the Cream riff in 'Pann Backer', but who cares?!?! The longer songs are merely a fraction away from being superb, and if you like Cream, Clapton, Deep Purple or Kyuss you will love this seventies inspired, psychedelic feeling slow rock. I am very enthusiastic about this band! Great CD!

Artist: Spaceship Landing
Album: Spaceship Landing
Year: 2006
Genre: Psychedelic Space-Stoner


listen here
Homepage (to buy contact Spaceship Landing through their homepage)

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