Monday, December 15, 2008

Spirits Burning

Spirits burning is a music collective from San Fransisco, formed in the late 80's by Don Falcone.

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1999: New Worlds by Design *rapid-part1 *rapid-part2 *media-part1 *media-part2
2002: Reflections in a Radio Shower *rapid *media
2006: Found in nature (still looking for)
2008: Alien Injection *rapid-part1 *rapid-part2 *media-part1 *media-part2
2008: Earth Born. *rapid *media


cozmicbeat said...

Many thanks from a daevid allen's follower !

Nes said...

You're most welcome! =)

Dave said...

Very impressive. First I've heard of this band. Cheers

[R][R][R] said...

Thanx for this album Nes!