Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alan Davey

for info on Alan Davey go here or visit his website
for some tunes check out MySpace

2007 Four Track Mind Vol.1 mega badango
2007 Four Track Mind Vol.2 mega badango
2007 Four Track Mind Vol.3 mega badango
2001 The Final Call mega rapid
2000 Chaos Delight mega rapid
1997 Bedouin mega rapid
1996 Capture Rotation mega rapid

Alan Davey & Nigel Potter - Alien Heart mega rapid


Anonymous said...

Thx a million for all those Alan Davey albums and the Quantum Fantay re-ups. Once again, a truly great blog!!!!

Nes said...

thanks ^_^ and you're most welcome! =)

Ron said...

Great posts, do you also have the Pre-Med albums ft.
Alan Davey?????

Tnx VERY MUCH for These,

Nes said...

thank you =) and unfortunately i don't :/ i have been looking for anything by pre-med for months & months already and it doesn't seem to be out there - yet ... as soon as i get my hands on one it will be posted!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog - some superb space rock! Love the Alan Davey stuff - did he do any live cd's?


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the Four Track Mind CD's, probably never would have had the chance to hear them if it wasn't for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nes,just came across this blog by accident while searching for Alan Davey stuff and for the 2nd time in recent history,I am again eternally greatful to you (the first being that lovely double Hawks tribute you shared on soulseek :)

Thanks sooooo much hun x x x

thedouble2010 (Mike)

Nes said...

hey Mike! you are so welcome! and small world huh ;) ... i know i got you in my UL on slsk *nods* ~xo