Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Magnificent Brotherhood Of Eternal Love & The Happiness' Close Companions - 2006 Demo

"The garage rock quartet is certainly THE band from the current vibrating Berlin underground scene who kicks the most ass! Fuzz-guitar, Farfisa-organ, danceable and catchy compositions as well as a huge pinch of freak-out coin the brothers' wild sound. Often hailed as "the saviors of the non-electronic dance party", their music is refreshingly different from the ruling monotony in the current rock scene. In concert THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD unleashes an overwhelming energy that leaves no-one dry or motionless! Since they don't rack their brains too much their shows center around party, dancing and having fun which wows a young, well-mixed and colourful audience who goes way beyond the usual rock scene! THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD have just released their debut album on CD/LP and they are currently on the road through Europe in order to bring one of their trademark dance concerts to your town… " ~MySpace


Listen to The Magnificent Brotherhood @ MySpace
To Purchase their Album visit their MySpace page or Homepage


Govindas Dream said...

wow, many thanks for this rare tracks :)!!!

amadeus :)

Nes said...

you're most welcome! they're definitely one of my fav bands =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! Great posting!!!

Anonymous said...

Grrrreat!!!!! Killer band! Curious about their second studio LP ...Can't wait!
I've seen them live once; they just blew me away.