Monday, July 27, 2009


"Årabrot - True Norwegian Noise Rock

Norwegian noise-rock blending diverse influences from Amphetamine Reptile
records to the industrial likes of Ministry to their very own black metal.

The Brother Seed is Årabrot’s third studio release, engineered by
Steve Albini in his Electrical Audio studios, Chicago, IL
and mastered by Bob Weston.

"Nobody wants to be caught with the wrong kind of nihilism these days,
when sincerity can so easily translate to wretched emotional hardcore or
what certain teenage cult bands have promoted as suicidal black metal.
So unfortunate as much of Scandinavian heavy metal or heavy-music-
with-metal-roots lends itself to an earnestly that’s a bit blush inducing,
noise-rockers Årabrot on the other hand, along with many other
stalwarts in the Norwegian underground, have grown in reputation for
championing the weirdest of the ugly.
Their unique attitude pushes the limits of heavy not just in terms of Slayer
or Ministry thoughthose influences are there, but in the strange rhythms of
Captain Beefheart, the grooviness of Scott Walker,
or the lyricism of Nick Cave." (Ann Lee ..09)

Since the critical acclaim of their first three albums, Proposing a Pact with Jesus
(..05)and Rep.Rep (..06), The Brother Seed ('09)
notably produced by Billy Anderson of Melvins-Sleep fame, Årabrot have
been touring Europe and USA with amongst others Qui, High on Fire,
The Murder Junkies, Dalek, Kylesa and also filling a spot at the
SXSW-festival ..09. " ~MySpace

Band: Arabrot
Country: Norway
Genre: Noise

Listen to Arabrot @ MySpace
for more&purchase info visit their homepage

2003 - rogues gallery *r *m
2005 - proposing a pact with jesus *r *m
2006 - rep.rep *r *m

they have more releases, but these are all i have, if anyone has any more, feel free to post em in the shoutbox or in a comment *winks*


Petya V said...

holy shit.

you are officially Emperor Awesome.

thank you so much for this; if i find others i will relay.

Nes said...

*all hail the empress* ;) joke!

Petya it's my pleasure! and please do if you find anything else! \m/

Petya V said...

empress? i apologize

Brother Seed is one of the toughest albums to find.. ordered it but seems like the money has disappeared into the black abyss..

Brian said...

Awesome. Had a hard time finding these for some reason. In case you haven't stumbled upon these already:

The Brother Seed:

I Rove:

K said...


For all Arabrot releases and other cool stuff -


Arabrot label Fysisk Format -

Check out the awesome I Rove EP!

toposheet said...

am a canadian about to release their new 7" on No List Records. It will be available by March 2010.