Friday, July 17, 2009

the Fire's burning

i know, nothing new and you all probably have it already
but i like posting what gets me excited,
and right now that's High On Fire ^_^

"US stoner metal band formed in 1998 in San Francisco, California, by Matt Pike (guitar/vocals), Des Kensel (drums) and George Rice (bass). Pike had formerly worked with Sleep, the cult doom metal band that had disbanded the same year after their record company had refused to release their third album. High On Fire drew on the sound pioneered by Sleep, an intensely heavy reworking of the Black Sabbath/Celtic Frost blueprint, with Pike's aggressive guitar playing more to the fore than it had been in Sleep ~

listen to High On Fire @ MySpace
For more info visit their homepage

1999 - High On Fire *r *m
2000 - The Art Of Self-Defense *r *m
2002 - Surrounded By Thieves *r *m
2005 - Blessed Black Wings *r *m
2007 - Death Is The Communion *r *m
Bonus DVD *m


Psymin said...

Thanks for the HOF, Nessy. Muchas Appreciatos!

Nes said...

ah, so my pleasure Psy ;)