Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gorilla Monsoon

with a HUGE thanks to co-KANH!

"BLACK SABBATH is the goddamn best band on earth. “sweet leaf” is still the mother of creation. four bastards met in may 2001. they shared their love for both of these things. combining the power of SABBATH and weed, band created a very own and fuckin’ murdering heavy sound - still the one and only existing law for GORILLA MONSOON. during their existence various members left the band; replaced by true believers of religion named metal the band became stronger and heavier. two founding members, jack and drumster, are forming the creative spearhead. first release, autumn 2001: „deflowered world“ - a fuckin’ heavy, fuckin’ slow, but still groovin’ bastard, mixed up with these special ingredients - weed and SABBATH. second release, spring 2003: „...demonstrating heavieness“ - presenting GORILLA MONSOON stronger and harder and, of course, more fucked up then ever before. third release, split 10” with WEED IN THE HEAD (vinyl only!). the first full length album "damage king" was released in march 2006. the next two years were filled with lots of gigs and two tour-support slots (Metal Church/Victory 2006 and Trouble/ Sahg 2008). finally the second album "Extermination Hammer" came out on November the 7th 2008. so watch out for a show near your town!!!" ~MySpace

Band: Gorilla Monsoon
Country: Germany
Genre: Stoner Doom

Listen to Gorilla Monsoon @ MySpace
for (purchase) info visit their homepage

2001 - Deflowered World *r *m
2003 - Demonstrating Heaviness *r *m
2006 - Damage King *r *m
2008 - Extermination Hammer *r *m


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