Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Definitely one of my favorite bands in the 'heavier' genre
the album 'With Veilist Of Worms To Dwell' is absolutely my favorite
Lords or Bedlam \m/

"Hollenthon is an Austrian symphonic metal band formed in 1994 in Vienna by Martin Schirenc of death metal band Pungent Stench.
Original bandname was Vuzem, changed to “Hollenthon” in 1999. Hollenthon’s work is influenced by a variety of classical music, such as that of Richard Wagner. Vocals range from harsh to male operatic and even to female (performed by Martin’s ex-wife Elena). Both of their albums (“Domus Mundi” (1999) and “With Vilest of Worms to Dwell” (2001)) have been highly regarded by fans and magazines alike. Their third album “Opus Magnum” was released in May 2008." ~ Last.Fm

Band: Hollenthon
Country: Austria
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Listen to Hollenthon @ MySpace
for (purchase) info visit their homepage

2000 - Domus Mundi *r *m
2001 - With Veilest Of Worms To Dwell *r *m
2008 - Opus Magnum *r *m

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Mysteria said...

helloooooo Carlitos como estas?? te extrañooooo ehhh!! muy buenos posts!! cuidate y saludame de vez en cuando no? besoos