Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mood Cadillac

"In a reference book of the Moncton music scene, Mood Cadillac would be one of the chapters that links the much-loved Monoxides to their beligerent offspring Iron Giant, with reference to the newly-formed Blood Royal. Rising from the ashes of several bands in the always incestuous local scene, Mood Cadillac was a big 'ol dirty chunk of fuzz with an obvious love of Black Sabbath. Formed sometime in late '96/ early '97 (nobody can remember for sure) and originally consisted of Mark (Gunther) Richard on vocals, Jody Perry (currently of Blood Royal) on guitar, Dan Dupuis on bass and (Iron Giant vocalist) Chris Lewis on drums." read more @ MySpace

Band: Mood Cadillac
Country: Canada
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Mood Cadillac @ MySpace

1998 - Big Ol' Dirty *r *m
1999 - Mood Cadillac *r *m


xeno said...

i'm just come back from holydays,
and what i find?
A list of great posts:

Electric Magma,
The Other Window,
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound,

Thanks, I love you all.

P.S. : Thanks for the Other Window first cd:
I've search it for years.

Nes said...

hiya Xeno! hope you had a fab holiday!

cool you're diggin' the posts!

you're most welcome for TOW, i ordered em soon after i discovered them a couple of years back - i fell in love instantly ;) and they're still one of fave bands =)

stump said...

Wow. Killer Stuff. Thank You!!

Nes said...

yeah they kick ass huh?! \m/