Friday, June 12, 2009

Tigrova Mast

10x more weird & trippy then Seven that Spells!

"After being fed up with urban, quasi-intelectual music such as post-rock and minimal-noise, Tigrova mast was initiated in 2003. by Tvrtko. At that time he was a guitar player in famous but short lasting noise-pop-punk band Invisible Ghost Luigi. At first Tigrova mast was just a project composed of bass (played by Tvrtko) and accordion, played by Bruno who also was and still is a guitarist of Peach Pit, a well known croatian arty-farty math-rock band. Introduction of folk instruments and almost rural elements into traditional noise rock schemes made a cut in the works of these two musicians. Soon the band rehearsed with different drummers and keyboard players but none of the combinations worked out.
In 2004. a third guitar player joined in - Niko, the founder guru of psychedelic Seven That Spells, once again not playing a guitar, but keyboards. In the meanwhile the accordion concept was abandoned and was replaced by Niko's keybs and Bruno switched to drums and so the band was finally formed! After lots of live gigs in 2005. the first record was made. It was published by Russian RAIG records (

"Toshiro Mifune meets Omar Sharif in Abu Dabi. Blood, sweat, tears, heavy licquor, sufi mysticism and extreme feelings. Riding on the desert worms. Removing the layers of reality without photoshop!!! Sufi trance punk!!!!!!!!" ~ MySpace

Band: Tigrova Mast
Country: Croatia
Genre: humzz ... Weird Experimental Trippy Trashy ?

Listen to Tigrova Mast @ MySpace

2005 - DVD (divx) - Live@Sket (split archive)
part 1 *r *m
part2 *r *m
part3 *r *m
part4 *r *m
2007 - Trigova Mast *r *m
Demon Nizos *r *m - sorry got no tracklist or year or anything


Anonymous said...

This band IS even better than Seven That Spells. Awesome stuff. Thanks.


Nes said...

you're so welcome! glad you're diggin' em!
kinda depends on my mood which one i prefer ;)

j said...

thanks so much. just heard of these guys, sound cool.