Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Greenhouse Effect

forgot how much i liked these dudes

"mountains of madness, oozing into the calm quiet morning of jupiters failed existance...with crystal marble fingers exploding in light and surrounded by walls of sound..landscapes of pristene sound fuzzed out and perfect..." ~ MySpace

Band: Greenhouse Effect
Country: USA
Genre: Psychedelic Stoner Rock

2001 - Blast Shield Down *r *m
2004 - Total Sonic Fuzzdom *r *m
2007 - Ants In The Afterbirth *r *m


zillagord said...

These guys rule. I had the pleasure of meeting Lando when White Witch Canyon came through Portland, and he is a helluva guy, and a killer guitar player.

A word of warning: Playing "Total Sonic Fuzzdom" at high levels will destroy speakers! Actually, I was playing it at a pretty moderate volume, but it shredded my woofer just the same! Watch out!

If you dig these guys, send Lando a message at the myspace page listed on the blog or to his White Witch Canyon myspace, which I believe is posted on this fine blog as well. He'll be gald to provide you with a copy of any of these CDs, which are really hard to come by.

Support these guys!


Cheeto said...

Thanx so much for all of these!!! Awesome band. Nice blog, too!

Nes said...

ZILLA - so cool you got to meet em - i absolutely believe he's a killer guitar player ;)

haven't had any probs with my speakers yet though ;p

i'll swing by their myspace page, just to let em know i dig their sound =D

oh btw thank Fuzzbox for the Nudity! that was killer!

CHEETO - thanks man! that's a huge compliment coming from you *nods* and you're most welcome! :)

stump said...

Thanks a million for these hard to find releases. Great blog by the way!!!!

Nes said...

stump- thanks! and you're most welcome =)

Insane Riez said...

I love these guys. Awesome recordings. Thanx!

Nes said...

they definitely are - and you're so welcome =)