Friday, June 26, 2009

Blind Man Buff

Well i can't find much info besides that it's pre Gas Giant,

if anyone has more info, feel free to let us know ;)

1998 - Blind Man Buff *r *m


xeno said...

I've found some informations:

THIS is the only record of the
pre-Gas Giant named "Blind Man Buff".

I think that the "Blindman's Buff" of the post above
is a czech (pop)punk band.
Their first demos are stonerish, but after few years,
the sound of the band became a weak pop punk
much similar to Blink 182 and such things.

There's another band from Chicago called
"Blind Man's Buff", but their music is
a cappella rock, and i don't thik it's this case.

Note that all the band names are different.

Hope this is helpful,
have a good night.

xeno said...

Sorry for the repost,
but i found that the "Blindman's Buff"
of the post above where a belgian
stoner band, disbanded after 2 demos
and a EP (Desert Roads).
Nothing to do with the czeck pop punk band
with the same name.

Now i can go to sleep :)

Ron said...

Completely right xeno,
by the way Nes I got the Boxset Live Series from Gas Giant, these was a limited serie of 6 CDR's which the sold on their website,
interested ?, may take some time because I very busy with the preparation of a festival in our town.

Fuzzard said...

Ron, I would be definitely interested in that when you have the time...Thanks

Nes said...

XENO - thanks for digging up some info on the blindman buff's (in all the different spellings haha) - not easy when a couple of bands float around with (nearly) the same name!

RON - i'm definitely intrested! and no rush at all - good luck with the preparation of the fest! what's it called? who's playing?

Ron said...

I will get them to you