Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm in LOVE!!
that definitely was worth my money *grins*
now for my new quest: Sendelica =D

"Pre-Med are a decidedly Space Rock band. The band was put together in 2004 by Danny Faulkner with help from Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey. The other main member of the band is guitarist Lewis Turner although he has since left the band. The bands debut release Medication Time was well received on its release in 2006 and also featured guest appearances form Danny Thompson and former Landmarq keyboardist Steve Leigh. Danny’s brother Martin also contributed to some of the lyrics on Medication Time The truth About Us is the follow up to that well received album and again features material." ~ VoicePrint

Band: Pre-Med
Country: UK
Genre: Space Rock

Listen to Pre-Med @ MySpace
Buy their records through their MySpace page

2006 - Medication Time *r - *m part1 / *m part2
2008 - The Truth About Us *r - *m part1 / *m part2


Fuzzard said...

Been flogging the crap out of this to get to sleep at night. but it just keeps me "Up all Night"
So good Nes..So good..Really good albums.

Fuzzard said...
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Nes said...

hehe better try something more relaxing or ambient to try to sleep next time ;)
but they're most definitely excellent albums! have them on my phone and listen to em (among others) whenever i'm on the road :)

Fuzzard said...

Porcupine Tree and Floorian have a good ambience to it..But i recently just got Sounds of Nature..Thunderstorms and Heavy Rain.....i'm out like a light in 1 5 mins..