Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Magnified Eye

"Sheer power and heartspoken grooves builds up in front of you as Magnified Eye emerges on a journey into their ever expanding universe of progressive rock music. Live on stage Magnified Eye delivers shows of more than one hundred sweatdrenched, thunderous, mooddriven minutes pouring their liquified rock into the open souls of the audience. With energy fueled up-tempo rock songs and flowing mellow pieces, Magnified Eye takes you through the entire emotional spectre, firmly grounded in Frode Bjerkely and Torben Ravns tense and powerdrenched grooves with trudging baselines and swirling drumming. Magnus Esbesen spices everything up with his heavy bluesy harmonic, all bound together by the powerfull guitar play and the soulfull vocals of frontman Torben Egebjerg.

Together, Magnified Eye stands as one big moving organism of sound. " ~ MySpace

Artist: Magnified Eye
Country: Denmark
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Magnified Eye @ MySpace

2000 - Demo *r *m
2002 - The Last Sun *r *m
2004 - 4 Track Promo *r *m
2005 - Transitions *r *m

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