Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pater Nembrot

"Looking backward. Living the present, to build something better for future times. Music will help us to understand what means sharing energy, will, power, and truth. These few lines are written to describe my music, myself, my way of thinking, as a part of the everything. Words are important to bring outside what's on the inside. Groove, psichedelia, 70's, fuzz, screaming, believing. Don’t you think I’m just a freak: I am like you, you are just like me. " ~MySpace

Band: Pater Nembrot
Country: Italy
Genre: 70's vibe Stoner Rock

Listen to Pater Nembrot @ MySpace
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2005 - Hombre Scarlatte *r *m
2007 - Mandria EP *r *m

Does anyone have the 11 track Mandria CD and is willing to share it with us all??
pretty please {^_^}

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stump said...

Love it Thanks!!!

nes said...

glad to hear you do! ^_^