Friday, June 26, 2009

Blindman's Buff

these albums all are tagged as pre gas giant - however i'm not sure they are.

this is what i found on StonerRock.Com about Blindman's Buff - Desert Roads:

"This is not a full album, but a demo-cd with three songs from Belgian band Blindman's Buff. I liked it so much that i decided to represent it here.
If you like stonerrock, you should not be without this demo. It sounds a bit catchy, so if you need an comparison, i would say QOTSA.
The vocalline on "Will-o'-the wisp" sounds a bit like "You would know" on QOTSA's debut, although that's my opinion.
"Utopian Dream" is a real rocker with catchy vocals.
There is really nothing bad to say about this demo.
I hope these guys will release a full album a.s.a.p."

Can't find anything on those 2 demo's

so again if anyone has any info, let us know ... please ;)

2000 - demo 1 *r *m
2000 - demo 2 *r *m
2001 - Desert Roads *r *m


Fuzzard said...

Desert Roads just oozes stoner vibes!!Thanks so much for this!

SpiritBeggar said...

great post dude...been checking out your archives for a few days now...some awesome hidden gems in there

xeno said...

Good stoner, but, i think, Gas Giant
went much, much better.

Hey Nes, have you even heard a band called
I've heard a few days ago and i fell in love
with this band.
Any chance to find something?

Well, thanks for this rare demos and
forgive me for my bad english.

nes said...

FUZZARD - yeah they're pretty solid and you're so welcome! ;)

SPIRITBEGGER - glad you're finding some sweet vibes here - the old posts are with shareonall which got closes, so if you see anything with dead links you want just lemme know and i'll re-up em =)

XENO - i think the only real pre- gas giant is that blind man buff - and that this is a whole other band, but i'm just guessing.

vibravoid is an awesome band!! i got their albums so if i get around to it i'll get em up this week

btw you're english is not bad AT ALL!

Anonymous said...

Some Gas Giant live:

nes said...

wow that are alot of concert recordings there! thanks for the link Anonymous ;)

Anonymous said...

You´re welcome. Check out the Bardo Pond, Acid Mothers Temple, The Black Angels etc. concerts on


Anonymous said...

Blindman's Buff are Portuguese,not Belgian ;)