Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aquarius Void

"Aquarius Void are a on again / off again collaboration between Ross Westerbur formerly of 500 FT. OF PIPE, Zach Shipps current guitarist for Electric Six and Mike Alonzo also currently of Electric Six and formerly of Speedball and Five Horse Johnson. They keep promising to release a full length album, but who knows if that will actually happen? Zach and Mike and pretty busy with Electric Six and Ross is busy with another band that he is part of called Bluesong. "

Band: Aquarius Void
Country: USA
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Aquarius Void @ MySpace

2004 - basement demo's *r *m
2005 - Live @ The Belmont *r *m


Insane Riez said...

Ross Westerbur is one of my heroes. Aquarious Void is great, just as 500 Ft. Of Pipe and Bluesong is.
I've posted them all on my blog.

Nes said...

yeah they really are, and 500ft. of pipe kicks some serious ass! *Turn me on, baby!!*

dunno Bluesong so i'll come and borrow 'em from you =D