Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mandala - Soul Rebel

Artist: Mandala
Album: Soul Rebel
Year: 2003
Country: Germany
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Mandala @ 
For more info visit their 

If anyone has any of their demo's i would be eternally grateful if you shared em with us!! ;)


xeno said...

Great band, love it.

I've uploded the 2002 demo,
here's the link:

I owe it to you.

Nes said...

YAY!! awesome! thank you thank you thank you!!!
they're damn hard to find on the net :s
now i'll owe you my eternal gratitude ;)


Nes & Xeno i am grateful.Thanks Thanks Thanks

Mari said...

Huge thanks to Nes and Xeno! So true, it's difficult to find stuff of this great band around ...

xeno said...

Hallo again.
I found in one of the my HD
all the Mandala songs from the split single
and some of the second demo.
I hope you'll enjoy it.

Have a good day.

Nes said...

PETER & MARI - you're both very welcome! ;)

XENO thanks so much again! now if we could find those couple of missing songs we got their disco complete ^^