Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Abunai! were an American psychedelic space-rock band who were fond of adding traditional British and American folk elements to give an added dimension to their sound.

Formed in Brighton, Massachusetts (a neighborhood of Boston) in 1996, they released three albums and two EPs for the Australian Camera Obscura label.

Abunai! broke up in 2002, but not before playing at three of the Terrastock festivals to date. They also reunited in 2006 for Terrastock 6 in Providence, Rhode Island.." ~ Last.Fm

Artist: Abunai!
Country: USA
Genre: Psychedelic Space Rock

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1997 - universal mind decoder *r *m
1999 - mystic river sound *r *m
2000 - deep mu flux 2 *r *m
2000 - round wound *r *m
2006 - two brothers *r *m

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