Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hulkk (formerly Hulk)

From my native country - Belgium! \m/

" HULKK is a powerful trio founded in 2001 by Renaud Mayeur, Matthieu Dumont and Michel Degreef. Fans of hard rock and garage, the music rings along the lines of MC5, Saints and others Damned, AC/DC, Motorhead and so on… " ~ MySpace

Artist: Hulkk - formerly known as Hulk
Country: Belgium
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Hulkk @ MySpace
purchase info also available on MySpace

2000 - kings of the night *r *m
2003 - party time *r *m
2005 - Cowboy Coffee & Burned Knives *r *m
2005 - live @ paradiso *r *m
2006 - The Codeïne Sessions + 2bonus video *r *m
2009 - bad news from lago *r *m

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