Thursday, May 7, 2009

Uptempo Blues Machine

"In 2002 Uptempo Bluesmachines established themselves as a multi-faceted hard rock force of nature. Tight, crisp, rowdy rockers, melodic songs and a series of groovy stoner metal tracks were born.

The intensity, the darkness, the melodies, the drive, all of the above and more, according to Uptempo Bluesmachines frontman Greasy T. Those are the things that define UBM's passion. At the UBM's beginning years they blasted on all fields. With a formation of four guys: Stanny, Greasy T., Marly and Chris Dust, primed to capture the attention and the balls of the rock 'n roll fans. After four years though, the band's set up changed. Chris Dust decided to leave the band. Nevertheless, UBM still fully alive and thirsty, started searching for fresh blood. Eventually found it two new members, named Uncle Sam and Mister Scarecrow. Finding the band spending more time to craft songs, and it shows." ~ MySpace

Artist: Uptempo Blues Machine
Album: Uptempo Blues Machine
Country: Belgium
Year: 2009'
Genre: Stoner Metal

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