Thursday, May 7, 2009


according to their MySpace page they sound like:
A giant bush spirit thundering across the Australian landscape

Artist: Turramulli
Album: Silver Gully Grave (Demo)
Country: Australia
Year: 2009
Genre: Stoner Rock

Listen to Turramulli @ MySpace


Desert said...

These guys from Down Under have a brilliant tone and some awesome tracks. You've really gotta see them live to understand. That dude with the hat is a riff monster with a massive voice! Furious melodies.

Nes said...

well i agree on the first part! and if they ever come play the neighbourhood i'll definitely will go watch ;)

stump said...

Nes This band is killer. Thanks!!!

Nes said...

ah stump! dude you got great taste ;) \m/

Matthew said...

The myspace now describes them us thus;

Hailing from the down south reaches of Australia, TURRAMULLI combine the down home fury of Oz Pub Rock with the thundering desert grooves of like minded fuzz merchants of the California Desert, Seattle suburbs and Scandinavian forests. Riff monsters and melodic terrors who are at times likened to a colossus of giant bush spirits thundering across the Australian ether, this emerging trio of Victoria state terror are only just beginning their audible travels through the collective stoner psyche.

StompDog said...

The vocalist has a doom/drone type thing going on too

Anonymous said...

Me again, anonymous dude with treats...
I found a LIVE album on SoundCloud, looks like one of the studio techs posted it: